Gu Hye Sun's Upcoming Drama

Gu Hye Sun's Upcoming Drama


Goo Hye Sun's new drama BLOOD will be updated in Wandering Thoughts.
I will try to make screen caps/gif and share some thoughts about the drama.


Friday, September 30, 2011

[Spoiler] Goo Hye Sun in a Sexy Mini Dress for "The Musical"

by: jnkm

[Spoiler] Goo Hye Sun in a Sexy Mini Dress for "The Musical"

Goo Hye Sun showed off her charm by taking off her hooded sweater and wearing a short, black mini dress.
On the episode of SBS "The Musical," which will air on September 30, Goo Hye Sun, who plays the role of Ko Eun Bi, went through a surprising transformation. 
In the drama, Ko Eun Bi was cast for a big-scale musical called "Nine-Tailed Fox of Cheong Dam Dong"with Bae Kang Hee (played by Ock Ju Hyun). But she shocked the viewers by rejecting the offer and asking for an audition get the part.
Many competitive actresses and actors participated in this audition along with Ko Eun Bi. However, Eun Bi showed amazing skills and was able to digest her part very well, which greatly impressed the judges. She eventually got the part next to Bae Kang Hee as one of the lead female roles. 
As the production of "Nine-Tailed Fox Of Cheong Dam Dong" officially started, Bae Kang Hee, who knows that Hong Jae Yi (played by Choi Daniel) has feelings for Ko Eun Bi, volunteers to mentor Eun Bi. It was even Bae Kang Hee's idea to give this sexy makeover to Ko Eun Bi.
In the episode, all of the staff cheered Eun Bi's transformation. Goo Hye Sun's character was a complete tomboy but with her short minidress and makeup, she showed off her beauty with her sexy s-line. 
As she officially starts to train for "Nine-Tailed Fox Of Cheong Dam Dong," the love triangle plot of Goo Hye Sun, Choi Daniel and Ock Ju Hyun will only thicken. 

Friday, September 16, 2011

"Boys Over Flowers" is Popular in North Korea

by: jbarky

"Boys Over Flowers" is Popular in North Korea

The Korean Wave is even reaching North Korea. On September 15, the RFA reported that “Boys Over Flowers” is currently very popular amongst middle school, high school, and college students in North Korea.
According to the broadcast, currently in North Korea there are only 21 episodes of the 25 that are being circulated in North Korea. Currently people are frantically looking for the final four episodes. It was said on the broadcast, “People that are selling Korean films illegally are trying hard to obtain the last episodes of ‘Boys Over Flowers’ but they aren’t having much luck. Whoever obtains the episodes and begins distributing them will make a lot of money.”
Also interesting is the fact that the RFA reported that amongst middle school and high school students, the hairstyles of the main characters are very popular. They have made names for the hairstyles, “Goo Joon Pyo Hair” and “Yoon Ji Hu Hair.”
The female character, Geum Jan Di’s dress is also so popular that it is hard to buy any dresses that are similar because they are all being sold out.
“Boys Over Flowers” was a popular drama in 2009 that described the story of four rich “Flower Boys” and an average girl. 

[Spoiler: The Musical] Which couple shares a passionate ‘piano kiss’?

by *Miso* @allkpop

On September 16th’s episode of SBS‘s ‘The Musical‘, viewers will get to see Daniel Choi share a passionate ‘piano kiss’ with Ock Ju Hyun.
Their characters are ex- lovers, and when they were alone together in a practice room, their love for the musical (and for each other) expressed itself through a steamy kiss.
In order for the kiss scene to look beautiful, Ock Ju Hyun and Daniel Choi had to take multiple shots, which ultimately left them exhausted.
An official stated, “In order to film a better scene, they had to take multiple retakes which exceeded the 19+ age. But thanks to the power of editing, we barely made the cut-off line to make the piano kiss viweable“.
Source + Image: Sports DongA via Naver and TV Daily

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

T-Max's Kim Joon to Enlist in the Army This Month

aww! Woo Bin of BOF will enter the army!
good luck!


T-Max's Kim Joon to Enlist in the Army This Month

Singer and actor Kim Joon of the vocal group T-Max has announced that he will be enlisting in the army by the end of September. 
Kim Joon recently appeared on KBS's Chuseok special of 'Invincible Baseball Team'. Comedian Han Min Kwan revealed, "Kim Joon will be enlisting in the army around the end of September. He'll be going a few weeks after the Chuseok holidays."
"I'm saying this for the first time through my own mouth, but I never thought I'd be saying it in such a place like this," Kim Joon himself stated. 
Asked if he was worried about his upcoming enlistment, he replied, "A lot of people worry, but I think that if Min Kwan hyung was able to get through it, then I can do it too." 
Fans were previously told by his agency, Planet 905 Entertainment, that Kim Joon would be enlisting some time this year through T-Max's official homepage back in July. 

Sunday, September 11, 2011

LMH-Trugen Fall/Winter Collection 2011

cre: MINSUN@fb

Ku Hye Sun in The Musical reveals, “Musical feels like an electric shock.”

In the second episode of SBS TV’s The Musical, Ko Eun Bi (played by Ku Hye Sun) meets with Hong Jay (played by Choi Daniel), who is a composer of great genius.
Eun Bi and Jay have met before. When Jay was drunk, Ko Eun Bi bombarded rough words such as: hobo, homeless person. Eun Bi apologized to Jay when they met later on.
Jay asked Eun Bi, “Why do you like musical?” Eun Bi replied, “I’m not sure… maybe a musical ghost is haunting me.”
She continued, “The first musical that made me feel that way is ‘Billy Elliot’. When Billy was asked, ‘How do you feel when you dance?’ by the judges of the ballet school, he replied, ‘It feels like an electric shock.’ I feel just like him.”
Eun Bi said to Jay, “I think you are the same. The one who made this song must love musical.” Jay responded, “You can never be like Bae Kang Hee (played by Ok Joo Hyun). Bae Kang Hee has to become more like you.”
Jay surprised Eun Bi by recommending her to the theater.

Source: TvReport

cre: GHSPhil@fb

The Musical

cre: GHSPhils@fb

Ko Eun-Bi (Ku Hye-Sun) is a medical student, but she dreams of becoming a musical actress. She thinks about musicals all day and even dreams about musicals at night. Hong Jae-Hee (Daniel Choi) comes back to South Korea. He used to compose songs for musicals, but now writes pop songs. His friend says that Jae-Hee changed because of his break-up with Bae Kang-Hee (Ok Joo-Hyun) 6 years ago. One day, Eun-Bi practices a song while out in a park and Hong Jae-Hee, who fell asleep in the park after drinking too much alcohol, is awaken by her singing. Jae-Hee tells Eun-Bi that he wrote the song "Maria Maria" that she is singing. Eun-Bi doesn't believe him. Jae-Hee advises her that without talent she shouldn't think of becoming a musical actress. Eun-Bi, ignoring Jae-Hee's opinion, decides to take time off from medical school to take part in numerous auditions. She fails all of them. With only 2 weeks left before she has to return to medical school Eun-Bi becomes desperate. She spots an audition advertisement looking for a male musical actor. Eun-Bi decides to take part in the audition dressing up as a man. Her ruse is discovered though by Yoo-Jin (Park Gi-Woong), an investor for musicals, and she is kicked out from the audition. In the bathroom of the audition, Eun-Bi meets a woman named Sa Bok-Ja (Park Kyeong-Rim). Bok-Ha insists she is a musical instructor and gives lessons to Eun-Bi. Bok-Ja even moves into Eun-Bi's apartment. Eun-Bi then decides to take a year off from school, believing that with lessons from Bok-Ja she cam make her dreams come true. A creative musical contest is then held by an investment company led by Yoo-Jin. Meanwhile, a friend of Jae-Hee asks him to write two songs for the contest, but Jae-Hee refuses. Later, Jae-Hee drinks with a bunch of people including Bok-Ja. Bok-Ja has become drunken and grabs Jae-Hee without letting him go. Jae-Hee takes Bok-Ja back to his place and uses her cellphone to call someone. The person that answers is Eun-Bi. A short while later, Eun-Bi arrives at Jae-Hee's place. Jae-Hee learns that Eun-Bi wants to become a musical actress and asks her to sing to a melody while he plays something on the piano. Eun-Bi improvises lyrics about how she met her musical teacher and also a drunken man who insisted he wrote the song Maria Maria. Jae-Hee now remembers her from the park. Eun-Bi also now realizes that the man in the park was really Jae-Hee ..

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Waiting for Breaking Dawn

Breaking Dawn soon!
The Twilight Saga continues.
Bella and Edward becomes a couple.

Looking at these two released promo pictures, I am hoping that Breaking Dawn movie will be a good one, if not the best. As for me, I will always be partial to books, coz they are much detailed compared to movie. 

I wonder how the movie production translated the book Breaking Dawn visually. Really looking forward now and praying I won't be disappointed. :)) 

Friday, September 9, 2011

Keeping the MINSUN Faith

Is Minsun real?
Antis would say...dream on! Some would say, there was never a confirmation. All are coincidental.
But after the pain has passed...minsunners are back! Keeping the faith!
There is no harm in believing. Whether it's real or not. What matters is that shippers maintain the friendship and the bond that were formed coz of believing.

Minsunners are ready to support again both MH and HS, as always.

What's keeping the faith? 
Hmmm...maybe it's the camaraderie they have.

As for me...
well...a reminder that similar things really exists! Thanks sukreen @soompi, one of the shipper who shared again and remind us of things that are not a figment of our imagination!

-the mirror-

am I dreaming...or am I dreaming??!!!
this is real as it is!

coincidence? well...a very nice coincidence indeed!


Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Eider releases 2nd teaser + new photos featuring Lee Min Ho & SNSD YoonA

cre: ilwoo_aein

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Having released their first teaser earlier, French outdoor apparel brand Eider has returned with their second teaser featuring their endorsement models, SNSD’s YoonA and actor Lee Min Ho.

The video first focuses on Lee Min Ho lying down on the sand, breathing hard against the sunlight. It then fades off to YoonA, who still manages to look attractive as she scales rock walls. The amplified audio adds a dramatic flair to the scene, leaving behind a favorable impact.

The newly revealed photos feature mostly YoonA, though one shows both Lee Min Ho and YoonA against a rocky mountain background. The other three photos feature only YoonA, mostly in a rock-climbing setting. All her photos suggest strong beauty, as she expresses unwavering determination to complete her goals.

With all these teasers, Eider is successfully gathering hype for their upcoming commercial, which will be released on the 16th.

Source: http://www.allkpop.c...n-ho-snsd-yoona 

Friday, September 2, 2011

Ku Hye-sun series "The Musical" sold to Japan ahead of premiere


A new TV series starring Korean actress Ku Hye-sun has been pre-sold to Japan ahead of its premiere this week, according to the show's producer Film Book.

An official with Film Book confirmed with 10Asia on Thursday that the distribution rights for SBS' "The Musical" was sold to Japan while the series is set to air in the country after it finishes its run in Korea.

"The Musical" tells the story of Go Eun-bi (Ku) who is a medical student who dreams of becoming a musical actress but gets rejected a number of times due to her lack of experience.

She then meets Hong Jae (Choi Daniel), a genius musical composer, who decides to train and help Go Eun-bi.

The show, set to air every Friday night starting September 2, will also star Ock Ju-hyeon, Park KI-woong and Kim Eun-se. 

cre: 10asiae
Reporter : Lucia Hong. 영문뉴스팀
Editor : Jessica Kim. 영문뉴스팀

Minho on Hot Chili Paper magazine

source: ilwoo_aein

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credit: Luxury Minho emi

SBS' "The Musical" to Begin Airing September 2

 by: xxxKrissKrossxxx on Sep 1, 2011

SBS' "The Musical" to Begin Airing September 2

Viewers will now have a chance to watch a stage musical from the comfort of their own TV. SBS’ latest series “The Musical” will premiere on September 2 at 9:55 PM (KST).  The drama will feature 16 episodes in total.

“The Musical” follows the dreams of young people who want to one day be on stage.  Goo Hye Sun (known for her role in “Boys Over Flowers”) plays the part of Ko Eun Bi, a medical student who’s ultimate dream is to be a musical theater actress. Actor Daniel Choi’s role is that of Hong Jae Yi who is Broadway’s top composer as well as Ko Eun Bi’s future love interest. “The Musical” is highly anticipated as it is the first of its kind to have the focus be on musicals.

The drama will feature big names such as: Park Ki WoongOk Joo HyunKi Eun Sae, and Park Kyeong Rim.  True musical actors will make appearances as well in the drama, for instance Seo Beom SeokHong Ji Min ("Dreamgirls"), and Chu Jung Hwa ("Legally Blonde") to name a few.

If you haven’t seen it already here is the latest trailer from the drama for you to enjoy.

Goo Hye Sun Drank to Overcome Stage Fright While Filming “The Musical”

Goo Hye Sun Drank to Overcome Stage Fright While Filming “The Musical”

On August 30th, during the production press conference of SBS’ new mini-series “The Musical” held at the Seoul Hakdong Convention Heritz, Goo Hye Sun revealed, “Before we recorded the songs, we had to film live singing. In order to reduce the nervousness before the filming, I would always drink a shot of raspberry wine (or “bokbunja-ju”, a Korean wine known for its health benefits).”
Marking her 2-year comeback to the small screen, Goo Hye Sun takes on the role of Goo Eun Bi, a medical student who dreams of becoming a musical actress. Her casting attracted much interest because Goo Hye Sun herself debuted as a singer and had released albums before. With regard to this, she said, “The songs in 'The Musical' were directly sung by me. I took lessons to ensure that no bad habits surface during my singing (in the drama).”

However, she revealed that her stage phobia was a major problem – “Usually, my hands tremble even if I just had to ascend two steps - this is how severe my stage phobia is. After getting approval from director Kim Kyung Yong, I was allowed to drink one to two shots of raspberry wine every time before filming.”
“The Musical” is a drama that aims to portray the fiery, passionate love on and off the musical stage. Besides Goo Hye Sun, other leads include Daniel Choi as top musical composer Jay Hong, Park Ki Woong as Yoo Jin, a cold-blooded investor who only cares about money, and Ock Joo Hyun as musical actress Bae Kang Hee, known also as the "queen of musicals."

(L-R) Director Kim Kyung Yong, Writer Kim Hee Jae, Daniel Choi, Goo Hye Sun, Gi Eun Se, Park Ki Woong

Image credits: SBS,, Wstar news, Issue Daily


Thursday, September 1, 2011

‘The Musical’ co-star Ku Hye-sun Sees Hope in Song and Dance Series

Some people may have thought that “The Musical” ― a song-and-dance made-for-TV miniseries ― would never see the light of day. The drama waited in the wings with the press second-guessing its fate  every step of the way. After what seemed like an eternity, “The  Musical” landed a not-so-hot Friday night slot on SBS.

“You know, I guess you could say it’s actually kind of sad to be  watching a drama on a Friday night,” said actor Choi Daniel, unabashedly  forthright at the series’ press conference Tuesday.

“But I hope this drama will be a source of comfort to viewers.”

Choi did not attempt to sugarcoat the situation, saying that “The  Musical” was “a very, very long time in coming” and that “we kept  filming on and off and on and off.”

“Last year, we started filming in May and June then we stopped  because of certain difficulties,” co-star Ku Hye-sun, whom many remember  as the heroine of “Boys Over Flowers,” explained.

“Then we started filming again and then we stopped again so I went  onto film a drama in Taiwan and Daniel went on to do ‘Baby-faced  Beauty.’

“To be quite frank, it isn’t that great to have all those stops in between,” Ku added.

The absence of musical actress-diva Ok Ju-hyeon, who is starring in  the drama, at the press conference did little to alleviate the  gloom-and-doom vibe overshadowing the series. It is too early, however,  to write off “The Musical” as a failure.

Though Friday night is generally seen as a time to go out and party,  it looks like there are plenty of people who like to stay home and turn  on the tube instead.

Mnet’s explosively popular reality show “Superstar K” ― now into its  third season ― airs on Friday nights at 11 p.m. and OCN has been airing  made-for-cable dramas on Friday nights at midnight as well.

In other words, a Friday night time slot does not necessarily spell a  ratings disaster. Instead, it looks like the greatest hurdle “The  Musical” faces is in selling its subject matter. To date, music-heavy  series have been ringing in volatile ratings.

Both SBS’ “He’s Beautiful!” and “I’m Legend,” two series that  centered on bands, failed to bring in high viewer numbers when they  aired.

While KBS’ “Dream High” ― a JYP-and-Yonsama-fronted music drama ―  performed well last year, MBC’s “Heartstrings” ― a collegiate musical  romance ― bit the dust this summer.

“The Musical” actress Ku, however, seemed unperturbed by it all,  displaying a positive attitude toward her role as an aspiring musical  actress opposite Choi Daniel’s genius composer.

“Now that I am 28, I want to instill hope in viewers through my  projects,” she said. “Rather than feel the need to focus on evolving as a  thespian, I want to make people feel happy when they watch me onscreen  and the first work I encountered when I started to take on this mindset  was ‘The Musical.’”

“The Musical” starts airing Sept. 2 on Friday nights at 9:55 p.m. on SBS.

via KHerald [Jean Oh]

credit: http://kseoulmusic.w...d-dance-series/ 

shared by eunhye05

Goo Hye Sun’s ‘The Musical’ gets picked up by Japan for $1.2 million


repost from siidudul

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Although Goo Hye Sun’s upcoming SBS drama, ‘The Musical‘, has yet to hit the airwaves, it’s already been bought by a Japanese broadcast network!

On September 1st, the drama’s production company revealed that it was purchased for $1.2 million USD. The drama contains a total of 16 episodes with a line-up featuring Goo Hye Sun, Daniel ChoiOck Joo Hyun, andPark Ki Woong.

The story line centers around medical student ‘Go Eun Bi’ (played by Goo Hye Sun), who’s a medical student but actually dreams of becoming a musical star. Thanks to the popularity of ‘Boys Over Flowers‘ in Japan, Goo Hye Sun’s influence certainly be making its way into her other projects.

The drama will begin airing in Korea on September 2nd at 10 PM KST.

Source + Photos: Star News via Naver

Link : Allkpop

Lee Min Ho shares his playlist with Naver Music, Aug 28, 2011

cre: webby


Actor Lee Min Ho shares his recommended albums/songs.
1) Kim Yeon Woo's "if you were like me" (listen)
The first song LMH recommends is Kim Yeon Woo's remake of Kim Jang Hoon's song titled 'If you were like me' on MBC's 'I'm a singer'. LMH said, "If I like a song, I would listen to it repeatedly until I am bored with it. This is the song right now. Actually when Kim Yeon Woo sang this song on 'I'm a singer', I wasn't able to watch it coz I was filming for 'City Hunter'. But when i was moving to other filming spots in the car, I heard the song from the radio, just the same way it is written in the lyrics. It's as if I'm listening to a story from the radio, the cool and comforting voice moved me. Although the song sounds easy to the ears, it's definitely not so if I try to sing along to it, since it covers a high range."

2) In Sooni's "Goose's Dream" (listen) (the lyrics are very meaningful. it's translated in the text part of the video)
This song came in first during a survey conducted by Mnet Yoon Do Hyeon's MUST for "the song that provides strength for those closest to you". This song carries the same meaning for LMH. "I was receiving standard acting lessons while I was preparing for the entrance exams. Although there was a sense of pleasure preparing for something new, there was also an unknown form of stress that kept me wondering whether I started later than everyone, and if I was preparing for it properly. As expected, those around me would tell me 'if I were you, I'd attend school again and would prob be able to do well'. Whenever I hear those voices and the regret expressed in them, there were times where I'd wonder why I couldn't enjoy that period of my life wholly. I have the faint impression that this song gave me courage during that time. It's a song I'd like to share with friends who are cultivating their dreams and test-takers."

3) 2NE1's "I don't care" (listen)
LMH chose 2NE1's "I don't care" as the song he'd listen to when he feels like going somewhere without worries. LMH said "When I feel like going for a vacation after listening to various summer vacation news during the hot summer, I'd listen to this song in the car. Even when i'm on my way to the film set, or when i'm stuck in traffic, if I listen to this song, I have the feeling as if I'm on a vacation trip."

4) Glen Hansard, Marketa Irglova's "Falling slowly" (listen)
LMH said "I was quietly moved by the beautiful movie and its music, instead of feeling coerced by strong emotions. It's a movie where different people are moved by the story and music differently."

5) Lee Min Ho's "My everything" (listen)
The last song is "My everything" that is sung by LMH recorded in BOF's special edition album. "Although i'm not on par with the level of a singer, it was my way of repaying the great love I received through the drama. During that time, I can't even imagine me doing it, so I started practicing with the thought that it was a song I wanted to sing to someone and later recorded the song. The deepest impression I have is of the audience singing this song with me. Although it is not actually I song I frequently listen to, it is one that always makes it on my playlist."

You can see the album covers in the original article below. Note: credit for song upload goes to the respective youtube uploaders. I remember someone using 'goose's dream' in one of the fanmade anniversary video for MH some time ago. Just so coincidental that it's a song that he likes :)
link: http://music.naver.c...rtDate=20110828 

thanks webby for sharing...

EIDER CF pics - Lee Min Ho

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source: Starhaus M

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Yoona & Lee Min Ho - Eider Promo Pics on Official Website
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Cute Pout of Gu Hye Sun...:))

Pictures of GHS has been posted here previously from the "THE MUSICAL" press conference but this one cute photo, I totally missed. Thanks to sukreen thread for sharing this lovely picture of our Gu Hye Sun.

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cute eh??!!
wonder what she was thinking at this moment?

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