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Gu Hye Sun's Upcoming Drama


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Thursday, May 19, 2011

[PREVIEW] SBS TV series "City Hunter"

From left, Lee Min-ho, Park Min-young and Lee Jun-hyuk at the press conference for upcoming SBS TV series "City Hunter" held in Seoul, South Korea on May 17, 2011. [Lee Jin-hyuk/10Asia]

The biggest rival to upcoming SBS TV series "City Hunter," premiering on May 25, is probably neither MBC's "The Greatest Love" nor KBS' "Romance Town" but its original comic. "City Hunter," released by Japanese cartoonist Tsukasa Hojo in 1985, was popular through Asia including Japan and Korea, with its story about a 'city hunter' named Ryo Saeba who was a lady-killer yet made sure of resolving cases that beautiful women requested of him. However, it is not easy to find traces of the original work in its upcoming drama adaptation. Ryo is cute and optimistic but has been replaced with Lee Yoon-sung (played by Lee Min-ho), a member of the presidential Blue House's national communications network control team who has a scar on his heart. And the story in general has been completely replaced with Lee Yoon-sung settling cases in order to get revenge for his father who was wrongfully killed due to the country's administration. The fact that the plot revolves around the heart of all power in Korea is another added element.

Discussions on the cast and planning to "City Hunter" actually started in 2007. So the drama is coming about after being met with complications for about four years but producers still remain burdened by how it may get compared to the original work with fans expressing their concern of the show ending up as something that is merely named "City Hunter." However, producer Jin Hyuk said, "Our drama is the prequel to the original comic and has been adapted to fit the situation in Korea. Many people have said it's too different from the original work but if you're one of those people who read the comic properly, you really won't feel much of a difference." Scenarist Hwang Eun-kyung remarked, "I thought I wouldn't be able to do this at first because I was thinking, 'We don't have guns in Korea and who murders by contract?' But then I started thinking that it would be nice to track down the villains that people holding the key to resolving issues in Korea feel resentment toward," to emphasize the upcoming show will be a Korean-style "City Hunter."

That is why unlike the original comic whose strength was in its sense of humor, the drama deals with a somewhat more serious topic. A video featuring the highlights to the drama at a press conference yesterday, hinted at focusing on a corrupt government as the target of revenge by showing anti-North spies by adopting the Rangoon bombing incident of 1983. This is the reason producer Jin Hyuk revealed that he wanted to "present a merciless fantasy about the stifling reality." In the end, the biggest task "City Hunter" will be faced with is how interesting of a job it will do in depicting on this not-so-easy-to-deal-with subject matter. Of course there are elements of romantic comedies in the drama as well, including how Yoon-sung and Nana (Park Min-young) fall in love amidst all their bickering. However, like Lee Min-ho said, it is difficult to define the show as being of a single genre and "it contains a lot of foreshadowing to the pains and conflicts." Hence "City Hunter" will undoubtedly differentiate itself from other romantic comedies in a certain way. The occasional action scenes in particular may draw in male viewers who do not know what to watch among the flood of sweet and funny romantic comedies. Will "City Hunter" be able to become a strong player in the already competitive Wednesday and Thursday primetime lineup?

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Photographer : Lee Jin-hyuk eleven@
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City Hunter Press Conference (05/17/11)

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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

City Hunter's producer Jin Hyuk, "Lee Min Ho has limitless potential as an actor."

'시티헌터' 진혁PD, "이민호는 배우로서 가능성이 무궁무진"
City Hunter's producer Jin Hyuk, "Lee Min Ho has limitless potential as an actor"

[마이데일리 = 강선애 기자] SBS 새 수목극 ‘시티헌터’의 연출을 맡은 진혁 PD가 배우들에 대한 애정을 표현했다.
[My Daily reporter Kang Seon Ae] Producer Jin Hyuk of SBS new Wed/Thurs drama 'City Hunter' expresses his affection for the actors and actresses of the drama.
진PD는 그동안 ‘바람의 화원’, ‘찬란한 유산’, ‘검사 프린세스’ 등을 통해 따뜻한 인간애와 감동이 묻어나는 드라마를 만들어왔다. 특히 세 작품 모두 시청률과 작품성에서 모두 인정받으며 인기를 누렸던 바, 그가 다시 메가폰을 든 이번 ‘시티헌터’에 쏟아지는 시청자의 기대도 대단하다.
PD Jin is the person behind dramas that are infused with humanity and emotion such as 'Painter of the Wind', 'Brilliant Legacy' and 'Prosecutor Princess'. In particular, the viewership ratings and cinematic quality of the aforementioned three projects have shown that the dramas are well received. Therefore there is a lot of anticipation for his new drama 'City Hunter', which he'll once again pick up the megaphone for.
동명의 일본 원작 만화를 바탕으로 만들어지는 ‘시티헌터’는 이민호, 박민영, 이준혁, 구하라 등이 출연한다. 의욕 넘치는 젊은 배우들을 주인공으로 캐스팅한 진PD는 배우들에 대한 깊은 신뢰감을 거침없이 드러냈다.
Lee Min Ho, Park Min Young, Lee Jun Hyeok, Gu Ha Ra and the rest of the cast will head the drama 'City Hunter' which is based on a Japanese manga of the same name. PD Jin does not hold back but reveals his utmost confidence in these young stars that are brimming and overflowing with drive.
특히 진PD는 ‘시티헌터’에서 MIT 박사 출신 청와대 국가지도통신망팀의 이윤성 역할을 맡은 이민호에 대해 열렬한 지지를 표했다.
In particular, PD Jin showed his tremendous support for Lee Min Ho who plays a character who is part of the National Communications Team inside the Blue House and has a Ph.D. from MIT.
진PD는 “평소 작품에 들어가기 전, 배우들과 많은 시간을 함께 보내며 인간적인 교감을 먼저 하는 편이다. ‘시티헌터’의 주인공 이민호와도 오랜 시간 많은 대화를 나누며 긴 설득을 한 끝에 함께 작업을 하게 됐다”고 밝혔다.
PD Jin revealed, "usually before starting a project, I will spend a lot of time with the cast members so I can get to know them at a personal level. I spent a long time discussing with Lee Min Ho and after much persuasion, we get to work together."
이어 “이민호는 순수하면서도 복잡한 내면을 가진 양면적인 배우로, 배우로서 가능성이 무궁무진해 앞으로가 더욱 기대되는 배우이다. 갖고 있는 재능이 무척 많은 배우인 만큼 이번 작품을 통해서도 많은 걸 끌어내고 싶다”고 기대감을 드러냈다.
He said, "Lee Min Ho is an actor who possesses a pure side and also a complex inner side. This gives him limitless potential as an actor. He's an actor you have to look out for. He has the aptitude of many actors. I'd like to drag that side out of him in this project," thus revealing his anticipation.
또 진PD는 박민영에 대해 “현재 최고 상한가를 달리는 여배우 박민영은 밝고 씩씩해서 촬영장 분위기 메이커로 통한다. 대본이 다 나오지도 않은 상태에서 나에 대한 신뢰 하나로 작품을 선택했을 만큼 열의를 보여줬다. 그 점이 고맙고 기특하다”고 칭찬했고, 이준혁에 대해선 “이준혁 역시 오랜 시간 ‘시티헌터’를 위한 준비 작업을 하며 믿음직한 모습을 선보였다”고 전했다.
Also, PD Jin commented on Park Min Young saying "she's the fastest rising female actress currently. She's bright and energetic and is known as the mood maker at the filming set. She shows her enthusiasm by picking this project based on her trust in me although the entire script has not been completed. By that alone, I'm grateful towards her and find her admirable. Lee Jun Hyeok, as expected, has prepared himself for 'city hunter', showing his trustworthy and reliable side."
연기에 처음 도전하는 걸그룹 멤버 구하라에 대해 진PD는 “정극 연기에는 첫 도전이지만 개인이 갖고 있는 캐릭터와 극 중 이미지가 잘 맞아떨어져 큰 걱정은 없다”고 안도감을 표하며 “워낙 의욕적으로 연기를 하고 있어서 대단히 만족스럽다. 아주 잘해내고 있다는 생각이 든다. 나를 믿고 따라주는 배우들이 있어서 참으로 고맙다”고 전했다.
Concerning Gu Ha Ra, a member of a girl group who's taking the acting challenge for the first time, PD Jin commented saying, "although it is her first time acting in a drama, she personal character fits well with the image she'll be displaying in the drama, so I'm not especially worried. She's is very enthusiastic about acting by nature, so I'm very satisfied with her. I think she will do well. I'm truly grateful for the actors/actresses who believe in me."
한편 드라마 ‘시티헌터’는 2011년 서울을 배경으로 통쾌한 사건 해결이라는 기존의 이야기 구조에 주인공이 시티헌터로 성장하는 과정, 인간관계들을 통한 따뜻한 인간애, 미래에 대한 희망을 품고 사는 사람들에게 작은 위로와 통쾌함을 줄 수 있는 내용 등이 담겨질 예정이다. 오는 25일 ‘49일’ 후속으로 첫방송된다.
Meanwhile, the drama 'City Hunter' has 2011's Seoul as its backdrop, where it demonstrates the growth process of the lead as a city hunter, as he resolves gratifying cases. It also shows the warmth of humanity through relationships and how comfort and gratification is bestowed on the people who bear dreams of the future. It will air on the coming 25th, replacing the drama '49 days'.
[이민호(왼쪽)와 진혁PD. 사진=SSD]

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Monday, May 16, 2011

[Absolute Darling] Goo Hye Sun's lead partner Jiro Wang jokes that his pants looks like BaoDaRen

膚色褲遮身 大東笑說像包大人
Jiro Wang jokes that it looks like BaoDaRen
*BaoDaRen is a Chinese brand for adult diapers
2011-05-16 新聞速報 中央社

Jiro Wang had a big challenge when he filmed for the robot’s naked scene in Absolure Darling. He used only a skin coloured bloomers to cover his lower body and joked “I don’t want to advertise for DaBaoRen this early.”

Jiro Wang, who had always been quite 'open' with showing his figure, went dumbfounded on the scene when he saw the skin-coloured bloomers. He directly commented “After wearing this bloomers, I really don’t want to see anyone. It’s not very nice and it looks like a diaper. I don’t wish to advertise for DaBaoRen this early.”

Jiro Wang had to wear the skin-coloured pants to film a scene with GHS which he had to lean against her. Both of them had no distance for their lower body and their face were only a mere 3 centimetres away. This made Jiro Wang very embarrassed.

Rather, GHS was not embarrassed and directly commented “ I’m alright. Probably Jiro Wang is more embarrassed.” About Jiro Wang’s figure, she commented “ I didn’t know that he goes to the gym, he has a good figure

Having been a director before, GHS said if she was the one filming the scene, “About the distance-wise matter, I would let the actor/ actress take charge and see if they are comfortable with it. If the filming gets awkward, the end result film would not be nice. With my words, probably it will help Jiro Wang to cover a little more”

After hearing, Jiro Wang said “I hope that I can be in your show the next time.”

Whenever there’s a filming gap, Jiro Wang would grab hold of every chance and be doing push-ups, he even brought his dumbbells from home to train his body. He said “I usually practice with these at home, so I have feelings with it. Even if I can’t use it during filming, with it, it makes me feel more at ease.”

2011-05-16 新聞速報 中央社
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Thursday, May 12, 2011

110511 City Hunter Trailer 2

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Lee Min Ho with Gun (City Hunter)

turning into an action star...

go Min Ho!
good luck!

Hyunsun/JoongSun_ Love leaves its scent _ Sweet moments_Better version

for ji hoo/jandi...

Goo Hye Sun, "I Still Keep in Contact with F4 Members"

(Translated from 리뷰스타) Goo Hye Sun has shown her close relationship with F4 who has worked together along with her at drama “Boys over Flowers”.

During "Talk Show 樂"aired on April 20th, Goo Hye Sun was being asked on the question on F4's charms. She explained, " Lee Min Ho is a person with affection and close affinity. He is the sociable style."

Different from the role of Goo Joon Pyo”inside the drama Boys over Flowers, Lee Min Ho is actually full with many mischievousness and he is sentimental and treats the people around him in a comfortable style. Next, Goo Hye Sun replied, though Kim Hyun Joong is a farfetched person, he is a man with loyalty. Goo Hye Sun revealed, when facing difficulties, Kim Hyun Joong will appear just like a superman. While I am doing my works, he has gave me a lot of help.

And also, Goo Hye Sun has said, "Kim Bum is not a person who is like his age and he is like a grown-up with manners." Goo Hye Sun who is borned in the same year as Kim Joon, introduced her friend as "A careful and thorough friend." Goo Hye Sun said, “When you are not around and you have a phonecall, Kim Joon will remind you to return the call. During drama filming period, though we are of the same age, we cannot talk to each other in a casual way. But recently, it is noticed that Kim Joon talks in a more natural way. And also, Goo Hye Sun also expressed on fans who gathered like clouds at Boys over Flowers filming site. As a close friend, she said, "My heart feels like an accomplished mother after seeing F4 members gained popularity."

On the other hand, the filming site to Goo Hye Sun first debut directed full-length movie Magic was revealed and all attention is drawn to Goo Hye Sun when she played the song "Scent" at the piano which is kept inside the album "Breathe” which is released last year.

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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Lee Min Ho @ ENews24 Interview

Goo Hye Sun & Jiro Wang for Absolute Darling

Absolute Darling had a tough time since Wu Chun backed out from the project. Now several weeks passed it seems that finally, they found someone to replace the leading actor (first choice)  and hopefully all will be smooth from now on.

Wu Chun suddenly dropped out of GTV’s Absolute Darling, Jiro Wang was invited to replace his role. GTV Deputy General Manager Mr. Lai said that Jiro accepted the offer with “gratitude at heart”,  subtly criticizing Wu Chun for dropping out irresponsibly.

Last September, Wu Chun & Ku Hye Sun attended the press conference of Absolute Darling. However, Wu Chun dropped out of the drama with the reason that he was no longer suitable for menga adaptation, and he thinks the script & the role of a robot don’t fit him. He wants to focus on movies in the second half of this year.
Absolute Darling has started filming days ago,  Mr. Lai praised Ky Hye Sun for being supportive. “it states in the contract that she has the right to drop out if there’s change of male lead”.  He also acclaimed Jiro that he “has a heart of gratitude”. In regards to the issue about breach of contract for Wu Chun’s drop-out,  Mr. Lai said, “that will be handled by management agency”, and when asked if they would work with Wu Chun in future, he said, “that will be handled by production company.”

 Jiro helped out for the cast, he attended a media luncheon with Ku Hye Sun yesterday. He was asked if he’s worried that people would make comparison between him & Wu Chun. He avoid answering the question  by reinforcing  that “basicallyI think the script is very good”. When he was asked repeatedly, he pretended to have forgotten and said, “what was that? What did you ask?”. And he said at last, “there’s no need to compare as he has not started the drama yet”. Obviouly he doesn’t want to be compared, but to prevent any misunderstanding, he added, “We are good friends, thus we are not bothered by this issue.”

 Ku Hye Sun was also involved in the secret marriage of Seo Tai Ji & Lee Ji Ah, she explained, “I have not even met STJ. It may be because our boss knows him, thus creating some misunderstanding. This kind of news is nonsensical.”

Source: Liberty Times
Translation: meow13/loveghs.wordpress

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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Initial Revealing of The Kiss Scene Between Lee Min Ho and Park Min Young in 'City Hunter'

이민호와 박민영의 키스신 현장이 공개됐다.
The filming set for Lee Minho and Park Minyoung's kiss scene has been revealed.

4월 28일 방송된 SBS ‘한밤의 TV연예’에서는 이민호와 박민영 주연 드라마 ‘시티헌터’ 촬영장을 최초 공개했다.
The filming site for Lee Minho and Park Minyoung's drama 'City Hunter' was first revealed through SBS's Entertainment TV on April 28.

최근 강남 한 클럽에서 ‘시티헌터’ 주인공 이민호와 박민영의 키스신이 있었다. 첫 키스신이어서 그런지 두 사람은 계속 NG를 냈다. 알고보니 회전판 위에 올라가 키스를 해야했기 때문에 어지러웠던 것.
A kiss scene between the leads took place at a club in Kangnam. Since it is their first kiss scene, they kept getting NGs. The reason is because they had to stand on a rotating panel while kissing and it might have caused dizziness.

어지러움을 참아내자 다음엔 이민호가 맞는 신이 있었다. 이민호는 촬영 전 “따귀를 맞아야 돼서 두렵다. 다른 여자를 떼어내기 위해 박민영을 이용하는 장면이다”고 설명했다.
Right after enduring the dizziness, LMH had a scene where he would get hit. Before filming the scene, LMH said "I'm gonna get slapped on the cheek, so i'm afraid." He explained that he had to use Park Minyoung to get rid of another girl.

그러나 이민호는 여자에게 뺨을 맞은 뒤 곧바로 박민영에게 엎어치기 당하는 장면까지 소화해야 했다. 이 신을 앞두고 두 사람은 여러번 연습했지만 실전에서는 잘못 엎어지기도 했다.
However, right after LMH was slapped on the cheek by the girl, he had to be knocked over by PMY. Although both of them rehearsed the scene several times, it didn't turn out right when they filmed.

이민호는 “오늘 만신창이다. 스펙타클한 촬영이다”며 어려워하면서도 웃으며 말했다.
Lee Minho expressed, "i'm a total wreck today. Filming was dramatic." Although it was tough, he said it with a smile.

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Lee Min Ho Makes An Impressive Come Back After 1 Year

Actor Lee Min Ho is receiving a lot of attention from foreign media.

Lee Min Ho’s upcoming soap opera “City Hunter” ’s popularity has surpassed its national boundaries. For instance, eastern entertainment media in Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, and Thailand have not hesitated to mention Lee Min Ho’s success in their news channels.

Lee Min Ho casted “City Hunter” in Thailand’s dense forest at the end of March. He portrayed an exotic lifestyle as he rode a huge elephant and performed many tree stunts.

He further stimulated viewer’s curiosity about the series as he showed off his superior body line to portray himself as a tough “Hunter”.

Lee Min Ho pulled off “City Hunter” with attractive male features. His intense stare pared with simple and nice clothes complimented his image like a pictorial shoot.

The “Hunter Look” was nick-named by viewers to describe Lee Min Ho’s clothing style, which was sponsored under the suit brand “Trugen” in which Lee Min Ho worked as a model for three years. Lee Min Ho played as the character Lee Yoon Sung who had graduated MIT with a Ph.D and become an intelligence agent in the Blue House.

Lee Min Ho is filming the drama with higher passion than usual because it is his come-back production after one year. He will display further toughness and sweetness for his male character role on “Boys Before Flowers” and “Personal Taste”.

translated by: heejo130@askactor
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