Gu Hye Sun's Upcoming Drama

Gu Hye Sun's Upcoming Drama


Goo Hye Sun's new drama BLOOD will be updated in Wandering Thoughts.
I will try to make screen caps/gif and share some thoughts about the drama.


Thursday, May 31, 2012

Orange : My MINSUN Color

Well, orange is now my MINSUN connection. Orange mobile phones for both of them and now orange laptops, too.

shared by sukreen

If not for these posts and photos shared @the thread, I wouldn't be able to continue posting here in my page.



here BIGGER and CLEARER image


Then last gadget noted was MINSUN'S ORANGE LAPTOP
Hyesun's appeared during KBS2 SLT May 2012
Minho's laptop was seen on Vid when he was at the SFO airport Feb 2012


he's browsing something prior the shooting


credit as labelled

More interesting similar things and now color coordinated, too for us shippers to believe.

As I said before, perhaps now is the time to let it out. To enjoy the relationship without bothering what people will say.

minsun fighting!!!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Rewind: How MINSUN Started?

Tonight while sitting in front of the computer, staring blankly at the screen and trying to think of what to share or post here in my MINSUN page, I decided to view my past post. I want to share again a certain video I posted a long time ago but when I started fishing for it, it was no longer available due to copyright infringement @youtube. [sigh]

I felt disappointed because that certain video was a very telling video of what HS felt for Minho as early as that time, in fact during the promotion of BOF. The said video [cre: siusinmimz@yt] was about asking HS to describe each fellow actors individually, the F4. How were they as a person and as a colleague. She gave her answers very fast and detailed. What was interesting in that video was that she described the three actors [KHJ, KB, KJ] as themselves, the real person. But when the MC asked her about Minho, [if only that video was still available] you could see how flustered she became. Somehow the mere mention of Lee Min Ho's name solicited that kind of reaction which should not have been. It was a question already anticipated before hand. But she was at a loss for words for a few seconds, trying to collect her thoughts, maybe while smiling shyly. 

And her answer was very telling of what she felt then, that moment. Instead of describing Lee Minho as himself like how she described the other three, she answered this way, "I started falling for Gu Jun Pyo without realizing it."

 Come to think of it, she was being asked for the real person not the characters played by F4 and she described each one. Yet, with Lee Minho she said her feelings for Gu Jun Pyo! Maybe, subconsciously she revealed her true feelings for LMH. [lol!]

This was posted as early as November 2009. Just a bit disappointed it's not there anymore for you guys to watch.

Anyway, tonight I will just share again some of my favorite videos or fan made videos that I used to watch during those days and spazz at. These are real. Photos and BTS and NGs that were very telling of how MINSUN started.

My first favorite video that I kept watching those times was by peeyahdee@yt 


 second and third fan made videos were from vitriana@yt

Lee Min Ho always there for Goo Hye Sun

Lee Min Ho & Goo Hye Sun ~A Love to Last Forever~

fourth... by natcza@yt

#1. MinSun First Day of the Month  [June - August 2009 ]

For now, let's watch how GHS and LMH became to be MINSUN.
How it all started.

Tonight, let's backtrack once more. And feel the MINSUN love.

minsun fighting!


Monday, May 21, 2012

[MINSUN COUPLE] Hanging Arts @Cafe Manolin

It's great to visit the thread always...the joondi thread@soompi. But unfortunately, these last few weeks, I haven't been active in viewing the posts there. Anyway, tonight I browsed some posts and smiled when I saw a post shared by prettywiz.

Posted Image
source: @shalun

These collage of hand drawn arts/photos were hanging @Cafe Manolin, which is of course we knew as GHS cafe/gallery.

What makes this special is because these sets of drawings were all very familiar to MINSUN shippers.


Posted Image

Posted Image

CHOCO ..HIS dog which he said he is missing

Posted Image

OH and that boy in the middle is LMH's drawing of HIMSELF..

Posted Image

and I'll just quote prettywiz...


and sukreen puts her addtional photo...

"The Left Hand" drawn by Minho at SG 2010
thus making Minho's drawing at SG 2010 compile completed
same style that been hang at Manolin

ADDED to our

Posted Image

Judging at the pic look like there's a ring already :rolleyes: on the ring finger :w00t: :wub: 

Minsunners are really great! Always have that sharp eyes and memory. 

Well, I ain't got nothing to add more, besides...if these are not enough to convince you that MINSUN is must be blind.:))

What a way to appreciate your lover's drawings. And Lee Min Ho was really trying hard to be an artist...hehehe, even though he is not. But for the love of GHS, I guess he'll do anything for her.

Don't you think that these are signs? 

MINSUN fighting!

photos as tagged


Saturday, May 19, 2012

Lee Minho for Ceci June 2012 Issue @actorleeminho

as labelled

source MINSUN

Hyesun's Twitter Update (05/19/12) @koohs

학교 과제용 소품사진들인데요. 문제) OK 컷과 NG 컷은 무엇일까요?ㅎ Translation: "These are prop pix to be used for school homework. Problem) What are OK cut and NG cut? hee" 



Monday, May 14, 2012

[Lee Minho and Gu Hye Sun] Latest Photos and News of MINSUN Couple

Another update on my MINSUN couple. What are their recent activities and recent photos.

though sometimes I'm late in posting but I try.:))


Image Magazine Thailand @actorleeminho

cre:  MINSUN 

as tagged

Ceci Magazine 

cr: weibo 

Lee Minho Shares New Selca

Actor Lee Min Ho updated his fans with a new lovable selca!

On May 10th, Lee Min Ho posted the above photo on his me2day saying, “It’s a happy May everyone! Thanks for the wishes! I am coming back with ‘Faith’ soon!”

In the photo, Lee Min Ho is holding up a V-sign pose on his hand, smiling brightly to the camera. His bright expression and clear features show how lovable the actor is. The photo seems to be put up by Lee Min Ho for fans in celebration of his sixth year anniversary since his debut.

Netizens commented, “I can’t wait for ‘Faith’”, “I am waiting so be careful”, “Still shining with good looks” and more.

Meanwhile, “Faith” will be aired in August this year.



Gu Hye Sun takes a Selca though a bit Tipsy 

source: @koohs

Gu Hye Sun has tweeted a ‘beer’ self-picture.

On May 12, the actress tweeted, “It’s owl Gu Hye Sun, This week I have a lot of homework. It’s a crisis. I already had a beer. Fighting.”

[a bit naughty Hye Sun...mslee1107]

On the other positve news, Hye Sun was taking the subway on her way to school. It made her even more a regular student despite her status. It showed her humility.

Shown on KBS2’s Star Life Theater on May 7, Gu Hye Sun headed to take a school exam like any other student, via subway. 

Gu Hye Sun said, “I usually take it from Bupyeong Station, but today, I got on at the Express Bus Terminal,” hinting at the frequency of Gu Hye Sun’s subway trips. 

During the ride, fans came up to her and asked for autographs, which Gu Hye Sun happily provided with no complaint. 

Surprised at her modest form of transportation, the program staff asked, “Aren’t you aware of the attention of others?” to which Gu Hye Sun replied, “It’s impossible not to notice that. But once I realized that it’s not me being aware of the other people, but the others being aware of me, I was able to feel at peace and just act naturally.” 

In addition, having entered Sung Kyun Kwan University in 2011 to study visual arts, Gu Hye Sun shared her thoughts on going to school at the age of 27. 

She said, “I don’t think I went to college late. That kind of thinking is really unfair. When doing the things I enjoy and learning about them, age is not important.” 

The modest life of this starlet will be shown from May 7 to May 11 on Star Life Theater.

Photo Credit: KBS2 Star Life Theater Screen Capture

another selca...


남은 수채화물감을 모아모아, 유화풍의 그림(불투명 수채화)을 그려 큰상을 받았었는데요. 다시 저 그림을 보니 가슴이 뜨거워집니다. 학창시절, 뜨거웠던 기억들을 증명합니다

I turned on google translate as usual and this is the result.
a bit vague but non the less comprehensible...I think.:))

Moahmoah remaining watercolors, painting a picture of style (opaque watercolor) anddrawing received keunsang [Laughing]. I saw the picture again, my heart will be hot.School, hot memories to prove

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