Gu Hye Sun's Upcoming Drama

Gu Hye Sun's Upcoming Drama


Goo Hye Sun's new drama BLOOD will be updated in Wandering Thoughts.
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Monday, October 31, 2011

Ku Hye Sun for Cosmopolitan Nov 2011 Issue [Interview]

더 뮤지컬> 잘 보고 있어요. 오랜만에 연기하니까 어때요?
I'm enjoying watching 'The Musical'. How does it feel like to be acting again after a long time?
사실 그 전에 대만에서 드라마를 한 편 찍긴 했어요. 국내 드라마는 오랜만이죠. 일단은 저보다 부모님이 좋아하세요. 이후로 너무 안나와서 좀 아쉬우셨나 보더라고요. 아직도 제가 TV에 나오면 신기해하고 좋아하세요.
Actually, before this, I filmed a drama in Taiwan. But it has been a long time since I've been in a korean drama. Firstly, my parents seems to enjoy it more than me. My parents felt it's a pity that I haven't appeared much after 'Boys Over Flowers'. Currently, they still find it fascinating to see me appear on television and like it very much.

더 뮤지컬>이라는 드라마가 구혜선 씨의 재능을 모두 보여주는 것 같아요. 노래, 연기, 춤, 밝은 성격까지. 당신이 가진 장점을 골고루 표출하게 해준다는 생각이 들더라고요. 그래서 이 작품을 선택했나요?
'The Musical' seems to be a drama to showcase your many talents, such as singing, acting, dancing and your cheerful personality. I heard that it enables you to evenly display your strengths. Is that the underlying reason why you chose this project?
하하. 그렇진 않아요. 사실 때까지만 해도 다른 누군가의 권유로 작품을 하게 된 적이 많았고 저 스스로 작품을 선택했던 적은 별로 없었어요. 그래서 맞지 않는 옷을 입을 때도 있었고. 그런데 이번 작품은 제가 직접 선택했어요. 요즘 막장 드라마가 너무 많은데 저는 좀 희망이 있고 꿈이 있는 드라마를 하고 싶었거든요. 이 바로 제가 원했던 그런 밝고 희망적인 메시지를 담고 있었어요. 그래서 끌렸죠.
Haha. It's not so. Actually, up til 'Boys Over Flowers', there were many times that I took on projects becoz people advised me to, and there were not many times when I've decided on a project on my own. Therefore, there were times when I've been wearing inappropriate clothing (is she saying this figuratively? then it may mean the projects did not fit her real self). However, this time, I chose the project on my own. Recently makjang dramas are more popular, instead, I wanted to be in a project that is able to give hope and dreams. This bright message of hope can be found in 'The Musical'. That's why I'm drawn to it. 

뮤지컬을 소재로 한 드라마니만큼 중간중간 노래 부르는 신이 굉장히 많더라고요. 실력이 수준급이던데, 직접 부른 것 맞나요?
Since the drama is about musicals, there are be a lot of scenes where you have to sing. I find that you sound like a professional, did you personally sing it?
네. 거의 다 라이브인데 전체 신 중에서 두 개 정도는 녹음을 했어요. 긴장이 많이 돼서 감독님 허락 하에 복분자주를 몇 잔 마시고 불렀는데 나중에 편집하고 보니까 술 마신 게 너무 티가 나서 안 되겠더라고요. 그래서 녹음해서 다시 넣었죠.
Yes. The bulk of it was sung live. Amongst all the scenes, only around 2 of them were recorded (post-recording). I was very nervous so I asked the director for permission to drink a few cups of 복분자 wine before I sang. However, when the scene later went through editing, it was too obvious that I had drunk alcohol (when she sang) so it wouldn't do. Therefore, I had to record the singing part again.

뮤지컬은 처음인데 어려움은 없어요?
Since it's the first time you're involved in a musical, aren't there any difficulties?
실제 뮤지컬이 아니고 드라마니까 그렇게 부담이 크진 않아요. 그리고 제가 연기하는 고은비라는 캐릭터가 타고난 실력은 없는데 최다니엘 씨 혼자 ‘아니다, 얘는 가능성이 있다’ 이렇게 믿어주는 식이라서 다행이죠. 그래도 힘들긴 힘들어요. 원래 노래하던 사람이 아니다 보니 실력도 부족하고요.
It's not really a musical but a drama, so the burden wasn't that great. Moreover, Go Eun Bi isn't a naturally gifted singer. It's only Choi Daniel who says 'no, there's a possibility for her' and believes in her which is fortunate for her. However, that said, it was still difficult. Since i've not a singer, i feel lacking in that aspect.

최다니엘 씨 피아노 연주는 물론 대역이죠?
Choi Daniel used a stand-in for the piano playing scenes, right?
하하하. 그렇긴 한데 굉장히 노력을 많이 하세요. 어느 정도는 직접 연주할 수 있을 정도로 연습을 많이 해 오시더라고요. 손가락도 정말 예쁘고.
Hahaha. Yes but he worked extremely hard. He could play some parts himself so he practiced very hard before coming. His fingers are really pretty.

드라마 초반에 고은비가 그런 말을 하잖아요. “저는 노래하고 춤출 때 꼭 번개를 맞은 기분이에요.” 그 대사를 듣는데 꼭 구혜선 씨 본인의 실제 속마음을 얘기하는 것처럼 느껴지더라고요. 그렇게 번개 맞은 기분으로 일하게 되는 순간이 있나요?
During the first half of the drama, Go Eun Bi said "I feel as if I'm struck by lightning when I sing and dance." When I heard that line, I felt that it was you saying it from the bottom of your heart. Have you ever felt that way when you are working?
아무래도 감독으로서 영화를 만들 때 그런 기분을 느끼는 것 같아요. 어느 순간 운 좋게 연기자가 돼서 정말 편하게 인생을 살아왔지만 연기를 하면서도 늘 무엇인지 모를 목마름이 있었거든요. 그래서 쉴 때마다 틈틈이 음악하고 그림 그리는 작업을 이어왔죠. 그러다 영화를 만들고 싶다고 막연한 꿈을 꾸게 됐고 결국 뛰어들게 된 거예요. 그리고 그때, 정말 처음으로 그 번개맞은 기분을 느꼈어요. 연기, 연출 다 재미있는 작업이지만 가장 나다울 때는 연출할 때인 것 같아요.
All things considered, it seems like I feel that way when I'm making a movie as a director. I came to be an actress at a certain time by luck and have led a comfortable life since then, however I still have the feeling of an unquenched thirst when I'm acting. Therefore when I get to rest I would make my music and draw. As I continued that way, I started to have a vague notion of wanting to make a movie and eventually dashed for it. During that time, I felt as if I was struck by a thunderbolt for the very first time. Acting and directing are all interesting careers, but the most 나다울 때 (?) for me is when i'm directing. 

브라운관 안에서의 배우 구혜선은 언제나 당차고 순수하고 어떤 어려움에도 굴하지 않는 모습이에요. 그런데 소설, 영화, 음악을 하는 드라마 밖에서의 구혜선은 좀 진지하고 예술적인 느낌이죠. 실제 본인이 어떤 부분에 더 가깝다고 생각해요?
The actress GHS on TV is always firm and genuine and won't succumb when facing difficulties. The GHS we see outside dramas is an author, director and writes her music, giving off a serious/earnest as well as an artsy feeling. Which side do you find yourself leaning more towards actually?
글쎄요, 잘 모르겠어요. 예전에는 ‘나는 이래요’ 이렇게 표현할 수 있었는데 요즘에는 정의 내릴 수가 없겠더라고요. 그날그날에 따라 다른 것 같고. 두 가지 면이 모두 있는 것 같아요.
I don't know. I used to say 'that's how I am' last time, however recently, I can't define it. It seems to change according to the days. I seem to have both sides to me.

2년 전 코스모와의 인터뷰에서 영화감독이 꿈이라고 수줍게 운을 띄웠죠. 그런데 그 꿈을 너무도 빨리 이뤘네요. 에 이어서 라는 두 번째 장편 영화도 찍었고 이 작품이 이번 부산국제영화제 상영작 리스트에 올랐고요. 막상 꿈을 이루니 어때요?
You shyly mentioned that you'll be launching your dreams when you had an interview with Cosmopolitan two years ago. Don't you think you've achieved this dream in such a short span of time. You've directed the movie 'Magic' and then 'Peach Tree' and the latter was also amongst the 상영작 list in BIFF this year. How does it feel like to have actually achieved your dream?
하하. 그렇죠. 당시만 해도 영화감독이 굉장히 멀게만 느껴졌던 꿈이었는데 어느새 현실이 됐네요. 그런데 벌써 많이 익숙해졌어요. 현장에서 저는 정말 그냥 현장 사람이에요.
Haha. Seems to be that way. During that time, the dream of being a movie director seems so far away. however, it has already become a reality. However, I've adapted to it a lot. When i'm at the film site, I feel like one of the staff. 

꿈이 현실이 되고 나면 생각했던 것만큼 행복하지 않다는 걸 깨달을 수도 있잖아요. 막상 이루고 나니 별것 아니었다거나, 내 길이 아니구나 하는 생각이 들 수도 있고요.
After achieving one's dream, it's still possible that one finds it not as fulfilling as anticipated, just like after achieving something, it doesn't feel like much, or it is not the right path for me.
물론 항상 신나고 행복한 건 아니에요. 영화라는 작업이 쉽지만은 않더라고요. 현장에 있다 보면 ‘외롭구나, 고독하구나’ 하는 생각이 들 때도 많고. 영화 찍을 땐 밥도 거의 안 넘어가고 굉장히 힘들어요. 그런데 한편으로는 그 스트레스 받는 맛에 한다는 생각도 들어요. 좀 변태 심리 같긴 한데, 어쨌든 꽤 익숙해졌고, 즐기고 있어요.
Of course, one does not always feel happy all the time. Making movies is not an easy career. When on the filming location, there were many times that I thought 'it's lonely, i feel solitary.' When I'm filming a movie, I almost don't get to eat (???) and feel very tired. On the other hand, sometimes I think I'm doing it to be able to taste the stress. Although it seems somewhat abnormal, I've gotten used to it, so I enjoy that feeling.

소문을 듣자 하니 영화 촬영 현장에서는 여배우 맞나 싶을 정도로 털털하게 다닌다던데.
I've heard rumors that you're very easy-going and free in the filming location, to the extent that people start questioning if you're an actress.
정말 그래요. 옷도 만날 똑같은 것만 입고 다녀요.
That's really true. I even wear the same clothes every time. 

뭐, 만날 똑같은 거 입어도 너무 예쁘니까. 자신감 아니에요?
Well, it's because you're pretty even if you keep wearing the same thing. Isn't that a sign of your confidence?
아우, 아니죠. 정말 현장에서 제가 제일 거지같이 하고 다녀요. 너무 심했는지 하루는 스태프 중 한 친구가 대놓고 말하더라고요. 도대체 왜 이렇게 옷을 안 갈아입느냐고. 제발 옷 좀 갈아입으라고. “어차피 더러워질 건데 뭐하러 갈아 입어?” 했더니 그 친구가 그러더라고요. “아니, 그럼 어차피 더러워질 건데 왜 씻어요?” 하하. 이상하게 현장에서는 전혀 꾸미지 않게 되더라고요.
Ah-woo, of course not. At the film site, I'm the one who's the most shabbily dressed. It was too serious that one day a staff approached me and asked me why I don't change my clothes and pleaded me to change it. I replied saying it's going to get dirty anyway so why change. The person replied since it's getting dirty anyway then why wash it. haha. I don't dress-up at all at the film site.

오직 영화에만 몰입하느라 그런 거 아닌가요? 하하. 그런 각고의 노력 끝에 만든 , 만족하나요?
Isn't that because you're totally immersed in the movie? haha. are you satisfied with 'Peach Tree' after all the hard work?
네, 저는요. 정말 하고 싶은 대로 다 해본 것 같아요. 처음에는 돌려서 말했어요. 빨간 게 좋다, 파란 게 좋다, 확실히 말해야 되는데 “불그스름하게 해주세요” 하는 거죠. 그러면 스태프들은 ‘도대체 어떻게 하라는 거지?’ 하고 당황하더라고요. 그래서 이제는 “아니요, 빨간색으로 해주세요”라고 확실하게 말해요. 기분 나쁠 때는 나쁘다고 솔직하게 얘기하고. 영화 찍을 때 스태프들과 꽤 자주 다퉈요. 남자 스태프들하고는 싸울수록 더 친해지더라고요.
Yes, for me, I've done everything I wanted to do my way. At first I try to say it indirectly. The one in red is good, the one in blue is good, but to say it directly, it would be 'please use the reddish one'. So the staff responded asking 'how do you want it done?' since they are confused. So now i'd say clearly "No, please use the red one." When I feel bad, I'll frankly say that I feel bad. I quite often argue with the staff when filming the movie. I think I become closer with the male staff after fighting together.

보고 나서 꽤 난해한 영화라는 생각이 들었거든요. 영화를 보고 나서 머릿속에 물음표가 남는. 는 어떤가요?
I've heard people say that 'Magic' was a hard movie to understand, that they're left with a question mark after watching the movie. How is it with 'Peach Tree'?
이제까지는 만드는 저조차 어려울 정도로 난해한 부분이 많았죠. 그런데 이번에는 정말 쉽게 만들었어요. 생각이 달라졌거든요. 영화를 통해서 내가 하고 싶은 시도를 해보는 것도 중요하지만 관객과 소통하는 것도 중요하다는 생각이 들더라고요. 그래서 예전에는 동그라미에 점만 찍어놓고 ‘이거 꽃이에요!’ 했다면 지금은 최대한 꽃에 가까운 모습으로 표현하려고 노력하죠.
There are parts where I myself felt it was difficult for me (to understand) up til now (referring to 'magic'). However, this time, I tried to make it easy (to understand). My thoughts have changed. Although it's important to show what I want to through a movie, it's also important to communicate with the audience. Therefore if i had been putting a dot in a circle and declaring it a flower before this, now I try to show it with a close resemblance of a flower. 

캐스팅도 꽤 화려하던데, 이 연기파 배우들을 다 어떻게 섭외했어요?
You have quite a cast. How did you enlist these seasoned actors?
아, 영화 하면서 한 번에 전부 캐스팅한 건 정말 처음이었어요. 시나리오를 쓰기 전에 사실 음악을 먼저 만들었거든요. 그래서 배우분들을 찾아가서 영화 시나리오랑 제가 만든 ‘복숭아나무’라는 음악을 함께 보여드렸죠. 그런데 너무 감사하게도 세 분 모두 그 자리에서 하겠다고 하셨어요. 조승우 씨, 류덕환 씨, 남상미 씨, 이렇게 차례대로 오케이를 했죠.
Ah, this is the first time I've managed to cast all the actors in a row. Actually I worked on the music before writing the scenario for 'Peach Tree'. So I went to look for the actors along with my movie scenario and the music for 'Peach Tree'. I'm very grateful that all 3 of them agreed to join in the project. Jo Seung Woo, Ryu Deok Hwan and Nam Sang Mi agreed according to this order. 

배우들의 연기에는 만족했나요? ‘아, 차라리 내가 연기할걸’ 이런 생각 들 때도 있지 않았나요?
Are you satisfied with their acting? Did you ever think 'ah, it would be better if I acted myself'?
어우, 전혀 없어요. 제 작품은 배우가 완성해주는 부분이 더 많아요. 제가 한 것보다. 다른 건 몰라도 연기에 대해서는 절대 터치 안 해요. “그냥 알아서 하세요” 하는 거죠.
Or-woo, never did that cross my mind. There were many parts that the actors themselves completed/brought more perfection to it compared to what I did. Although I'm not sure about other parts, but I never 'touched' (interfered with) the acting but said "Just do it the way you think most fitting".

그럼 제일 많이 터치하는 부분은 어떤 거예요?
Then what are the aspects you 'touched' on the most?
연기 빼고 다요. 하하하. 아, 그거 안 된다고, 그거 치우라고 막 터치하죠. 굉장히 디테일하게 챙겨요. 특히 음악에 관해서는 거의 제 뜻대로 끌고 나가요. 같은 경우에도 OST 10곡 중에서 8곡을 제가 만든 곡으로 넣을 정도로 제가 추구하는 느낌을 그대로 반영하려고 하죠. 미술도 소품팀 가서 하나하나 디렉션 주고.
Everything except acting. hahaha. I would say things like 'that won't do', 'remove that', looking into very fine details. In particular, when it came to the music, i almost tried to do it totally the way i want it. Out of the 10 songs in the Peach Tree OST, I wrote 8 of them so that it will mirror the feelings I want to express. As for the part concerning arts, I approached the props team and provided my direction in each aspect. 

작가든 감독이든 작품이 쌓이면 쌓일수록 다양한 이야기를 담아내겠지만 모든 작품에서 공통적으로 관통하는 정서나 반복되는 소재를 발견하게 되더라고요. 의식적으로 등장시킨 것일 수도 있고 무의식적으로 나타난 것일 수도 있겠지만. 그런데 당신의 작품에서도 그런 걸 발견했어요. 영화 와 에서도 그렇고 소설 에서도 그렇고, 모두 죽음을 다룬다는 거죠. 특별한 의도가 있나요?
Be it as a writer or a director, as the list of projects one produces increases, the content of the stories also increases in variety. However, there is oftentimes a subject matter that appears repeatedly and transpire across one's various projects. Such a thing could have happened intentionally or unintentionally. I've discovered the same thing in your projects. You dealt with death in 'Cheerful Caretaker', 'Magic' and also in your novel 'Tango'. Is there a particular reason for that?
아, 그러고 보니까 진짜 그러네요. 에서도 죽거든요.
Ah, now that you mentioned it, it seems that way. It also happened in 'Peach Tree'.

특별히 의도한 건 아니었나 보네요.
So there wasn't any particular reason for it?
네, 전혀 의도한 건 아니어서. 글쎄요, 왜 그랬을까요? 아마 그런 게 아닐까 싶어요. 죽지 않고서는 인생에 대한 답을 못 내리니까. 이 인생을 끝내려면 정말로 끝이 나야 한다고 생각하는 것 같아요. 왜 한국 드라마 보면 ‘결혼하면 해피엔딩’이다 그런 공식이 있잖아요. 그런데 사실 그건 모르는 거죠. 진짜 그 인물이 결혼해서 끝까지 행복한지는. 그래서 저는 정말 완벽한 마침표를 찍으려고 죽이는 것 같아요. 죽음이라는 것에 특별히 호기심이 있거나 한 건 아닌데, 어떤 메시지를 전달할 때 가장 큰 효과를 발휘할 수 있는 소재가 죽음이 아닌가 싶어요. 죽지 않으면 깨닫지 못하는 부분도 많고요.
You're right. It wasn't my intention. I don't really know. Why did it happen this way? It makes me wonder (???). If death wasn't included, it seems like I couldn't come to a conclusion about their lives. When the person dies, then I think life really ends. Why is it that when a korean drama ends with a marriage, people label it officially as a happy ending when no one knows for sure whether the person lived happily after after the marriage. So in order to declare an end to it by putting the symbol of a 'period', I broached on death. I didn't deal with the subject because I was particularly interested about 'death' itself. However, I think that death amplifies the effect and brings the message across the best. There are also parts that you wouldn't realize unless the person dies. 

을 보면 천재적인 첼로 연주 실력을 타고나진 않았지만 끝없이 노력하는 친구를 향해 이런 말을 하죠. “너는 네가 원하는 걸 모두 가질 수 있다고 생각하니? 노력해도 안 되는 사람이 있어”라고. 그 대사를 들으면서 가슴 한구석이 슬프게 저리기도 했지만 한편으로 많이 공감했어요. 어떻게 보면 성공이란 천부적인 능력을 갖춰야 가능하다는 생각이 들어서요. 본인은 천재형, 노력형 중 어디에 더 가깝다고 생각해요?
In the movie 'Magic' there was this line directed to the person who worked really hard but wasn't born a gifted cellist, 'Do you think you'd be able to achieve all that you want? There are people who don't make it no matter how dilligent they are.' Listening to the lines, a corner of my heart sinks with it and yet I also have to admit that that's true. I think one has to have the talent in order to be successful. Which one do you think you more closely resemble, a prodigy or a hard-worker?
하하, 글쎄요. 저는 딱히 재능이 있는 것도 아니고 노력도 안 하는 것 같아요. 그런 것보다는 그냥 잠깐 미쳐요. 잠깐. 뭔지 모르겠는데 그분이 오셔가지고 아이디어가 떠오르면 그냥 막 해야겠는 거예요. 가야겠다는 생각이 들면 가야 하고.
Haha. I don't know. I don't think I especially have any talent and I don't work hard either. Compared to that, I'm just 'crazy' for a little while. Only a while. I don't know how to say it, but when that idea pops up, I just keep on working on it. When i think i have to go somewhere, then I go. 

그게 천재 아닌가요?
Isn't that what happens to geniuses?
천재라 부를 만큼 번쩍은 아닌 것 같고, 그냥 떠오르는 걸 해야 직성이 풀리는 그런 거죠.
It's not like that 'flash' that happens to geniuses, it's just that I always have to do what rises in my mind.

하지만 그 ‘번쩍’ 하는 순간이 아무에게나 오는 건 아니죠. 한 가지 분야만도 아니고 영화, 작곡, 미술, 연기, 소설… 도대체 잘하는 게 한두 가지가 아니니, 참 신기해요. 도대체 그 어마어마한 에너지의 원동력은 무엇인가요?
However, that 'flashing' moment doesn't just happen to anyone. You're not just working in one or two areas, but you're covering movies, song-writing, arts, acting and writing novels, it's truly unbelievable. What is the driving force behind such tremendous energy?
아무래도 우울하고 슬프고 그럴 때 영감이 떠오르는 것 같아요. 상처가 힘이 된다는 느낌. 연애를 하거나 무언가로 인해 행복할 때는 집중이 잘 안 되죠. 그런데 실연당했거나 힘들 때 글도 잘 써지고 크리에이티브한 생각도 많이 떠올라요.
I think during the times when I'm melancholic and sad, the inspiration arises, just like how wounds become a source of energy. One can't concentrate when one's dating or living happily and silently in a sea of people, isn't it. However, when I am broken-hearted and experiencing hardship, I write well and more creative ideas pop up. 

젊은 나이에 많은 걸 이루고 있는 모습이 같은 여자로서 참 멋지다는 생각이 들어요. 다른 이들에게는 꿈인 일을 이미 많이 이뤘지만 지금 이 순간 당신은 또 다른 꿈을 꾸고 있겠죠. 구혜선 씨의 다음 꿈은 어떤 건가요?
As a female, I find you cool when I see you achieving so many things at a young age. Although you've achieved a lot compared to others, right now at this moment, I believe you must have some other dream. What is your next dream?
음, 참사랑을 해보는 거?
Erm, to experience true(genuine) love?

의외의 답변이네요. 영화나 예술 얘기를 할 줄 알았는데!
It's an answer I did not expect. I thought you'd mention something about movies or arts!
얼마 전에 그런 질문을 받았어요. “너 영화 왜 하니?”, “너 왜 태어났니?”라는. 처음으로 생각해봤어요. 그러게, 내가 왜 영화를 하고 있을까? 그리고 내가 왜 태어났을까? 결론은 사랑하고 싶어서, 사랑을 알고 싶어서인 것 같더라고요. 어릴 때부터 저는 받기만 하면서 살아왔고 주더라도 늘 재면서 주는 사람이었거든요. 그런데 이제는 진짜 무조건적인 참사랑을 하고 싶다는 생각을 해요. 그게 꼭 남자와의 사랑만은 아니고 여러 가지 모양이 있을 수 있겠죠. 진짜 사랑이 뭔지 알고 나면 좀 두려움이 없어지지 않을까요? 지금 경험하고 있는데도 모르고 있는 걸 수도 있지만요.
Not long ago someone asked me, "why are you doing movies?','why are you born?'. That was the first time I thought about it. I wonder why was I making movies? and why was I born? I arrived at the conclusion that it is because I want to love, because I want to know what love is. Since I was young, I live receiving love and I only give love in measures (meaning out totally). However now, I really want to experience a true love where I give unconditionally. It doesn't have to be just the relationship between me and a guy, that type of love can be in various forms. When I really know what true love is, wouldn't the fears dissipate? Even though I'm experiencing it now, there may be things I still don't know about (???).

그러고 보니 이상형이 궁금해지네요. 웬만한 남자는 안 될 것 같고, 당신처럼 완벽하고 다재다능한 사람이어야 마음을 잡을 수 있을 것 같은데.
Seeing that you mention it, I'm really curious as to who your ideal man is. A regular guy probably wouldn't do. I think only someone who is perfect and multi-talented like you can capture your heart. 
하하. 그렇지 않아요. 그냥 딱 반하는 순간이 있어요. 그 남자의 순수한 면을 봤을 때. 왜 생각지도 못한 부분에서 굉장히 쑥스러워하거나 감사하거나 그런 모습을 보게 될 때 있잖아요. 어떻게 보면 바보 같다는 생각이 들 정도로.
Haha. it's not like that. There's the moment when you just fall for the person, when you see a genuine side of the guy. There are times when you get to see the embarrassed or grateful side of the person when you don't expect it to be so. 

헉. 또 의외인데요. 이렇게 똑똑한 당신과 어리숙한 남자, 그림이 안 그려져요.
Hor. I didn't expect that either. The smart you with a naive guy, the picture doesn't match (??).
물론 그렇다고 진짜 바보스럽고 백치 같은 사람을 말하는 건 아니에요. 하하. 저는 남에게 피해 주는 걸 정말 싫어하는데 백치가 주는 피해가 되게 많잖아요. 본인은 모르고 남에게 피해를 주고. 그런 바보가 아니라 뭔가 자기 주관이 뚜렷하고, 갑자기 한순간에 무너지는 사람이 있어요.
Although I said it that way, I wasn't referring to someone who acts like a fool or is like a moron. haha. (i don't understand the next part--??) 
I am not referring to that type of foolish person, but someone who has distinct views (strong opinion) but may crumble in a split second.

드라마나 영화에서 그 이상형에 가까운 캐릭터를 꼽는다면요?
Is there an character in a drama or movie that closely resembles your ideal?
아, 드라마 의 김명민 씨 같은 남자예요. 되게 완벽한 것 같고 꼬장도 있고 그런데 갑자기 키우던 강아지 토벤이가 아프니까 그때 무너지더라고요. 평소에는 완벽하고 빈틈없어 보이지만 사랑하는 존재 앞에서는 한없이 무너질 수 있는 사람, 그런 사람을 만나 참사랑을 하게 된다면 더없이 행복하겠죠?
Ah, it's a guy who's like Kim Myung Min-sshi in the drama 'Beethoven Virus'. He seems so perfect and is also obstinate. However when his puppy 'Thoven' falls sick, he simply crumbles. Although he seems perfect and without a single crack, but when faced with love he simply collapses. If I can meet such a person and fall in love, then I will be able to live happily forever, wouldn't i?

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Ku Hye Sun @ Arirang Fantasy 2011 Recording with Lee Byeong Woo

Arirang Fantasy 2011 - Ku Hye Sun & Lee Byeong Woo by meow1313

First script reading for new SBS TV series 'Please, Captain' starring Ku Hye Sun


Photographs of the first script reading for an upcoming SBS TV series have been revealed. 

A press release by the show's promoter The J Story on Friday unveiled  photos of the main cast Ku Hye-sun, Ji Jin-hee, Lee Chun-hee, Yoo Sun  and Honey Lee taking part in the session for aviation drama "Please,  Captain" (translated title) held in Seoul on October 27. 

An official with production company Eyagi 365 said in the statement,  "The production staff was really surprised to see how in tune the actors  were with their characters and we have high expectations for the  series." 

"Please, Captain," helmed by Joo Dong-min and written by scenarist Jung  Na-myung, tells the story of pilots, flight attendants and crew members  that work at an airport. 

The show is set to take over the Wednesday and Thursday night primetime  lineup starting January 4 after current series "Deep Rooted Tree"  finishes its run. 

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Ku Hye Sun @ Baseball Game, pitching for SK Wyverns (10/20/11)


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Friday, October 28, 2011

Ku Hye Sun really deserves the name “best face” ?


Ku Hye Sun, Korean actor and director, reveals her innocent, attractive beauty.
At 7:08 a.m.on October 26, Ku posted photos with the short comment: “Everything flourishes for a while.”
In the photos, her moisturized sleek face is beautiful enough to catch the eyes. Her pure, innocent image seems never to be weathered by passing time.
People who saw the photos left explosive responses: “You’re a real attractive beauty.” “You look the same as before.” “Even without any makeup, how come you are so beautiful?”

By Lee Ji-hyeon
Source: Starnews (Original article in Korean),
Photo from Starnews
Translated by Geum Jae /

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Lee Min Ho’s Asia Tour starts on Dec 2011

H.Brothers announced that it would partner with Starhaus Entertainment to launch an Asia Tour for Lee Min Ho. H.Brothers  confirmed that a series of fanmeetings will be held in Dec 2011 in 5 cities including Shanghai, Nanjing, Beijing, Xiamen & Hong Kong. Details about schedule and arrangement will be announced soon.

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MINSUN Moments and Similar Things Real or Reel?-Reminiscing

Komowo to a certain Minsun shipper for doing this fanvid of our couple.
An old one, nevertheless, almost all evidences were captured here and analyzed.

For Shippers Only!

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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Lee Min Ho partners with H.Brothers to launch his Asia Tour


Lee Min Ho will commence his ultra-premium Asia tour
Lee Min Ho partners with H. Brothers in China to launch his Asia tour. H. Brothers stated, ” Lee Min Ho has been the new Korean wave in Asia and he will become the best Hallyu Star ever in Chinese market.”
Regarding the collaboration between Lee Min Ho & H.Brothers, Chinese media commented as ” strong collaboration, Asian King Lee Min Ho will initiate the biggest Korean wave in history.”
The Asia tour launched jointly by Starhaus & H.Brothers will  take  place in Shanghai & Beijing etc. Details to be announced soon.
Lee Min Ho is currently having a break and enjoys his precious free time.

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Goo Hye Sun Twitter Update (10/17/11)


'밥'이와 '감자'입니다. 밥이가 요즘 외로움을 타는데요. 여자친구가 필요합니다. 감자는 몸집이 너무 큰 남자친구거든요ㅎ

They are Bhap and GhamJa. These days, Bhap seems to be lonely and I think he needs a girlfriend. GhamJa is an enormously big boyfriend.


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Director Ku Hye Sun @ BIFF [Interview]


Director Ku Hye Sun: “If I came to BIFF as an actress, I would feel awkward.

She is an actress, artist, composer and author. She is also a movie director and a producer. She is a director at the 16th BIFF.

On the red carpet among all the actresses who wore dresses that showed so much skin, Ku Hye Sun came wearing simple and neat one-piece dress. When she introduced herself as Director Ku Hye Sun, it was a unique feeling.

I met her at an enclosed corner of a cafe for a chat. She is pretty yet ?dangchan?(maybe down to earth?), an actress yet also a director, cheerful and yet profound~she is multi-talented yet so very friendly. She is 27 years old.

You must have been very upset about the first screening accident.

▶ It is not just me. All the people who came to watch the movie. It was upsetting because we had no idea what was wrong. The audience did not feel relieved about just getting the refund. They wanted to see the movie and refused to leave the theatre. I felt like crying. I know that such screening accidents do occur but I never thought it would happen to me. Even if the accident may not be my fault, I do have responsibility for that project work. And that is where I felt bad. I know that things can happen to me. But if those events also harm other people and I have no way of explaining, I felt even more confused. Anyway, what I may say could be different from what the audience may say…I experienced what panic means.

I am thinking about your dress on the red carpet. Although it is not a perfect dress, it suited well. Did you take time to select it?

▶ We tried the best to fit in. Stylist unnie took much time and consideration. People were bored with pants suit. Someone told me that T-shirts and jeans would be ideal to any movie festivals. I really wanted to try it but I realized that people would think me too rude. Dress may look pretty but it feels too distant as if I am going to a separate and exclusive party or something. I hope one day I can come with T-shirt and jeans and really enjoy the whole thing.

Do you conciously avoid getting dressed up?

▶ I have worn a dress to an award ceremony. I feel the pressure and burden to be sexy as an actress. I would experience the extreme difficulty of the pressure to look pretty on TV. Then one day, I thought to myself, why am I obsessed with appearance? I realized that obsession and good management of oneself are two different things.
It is good to take care of oneself to further develp. However, it is not good to be obsessed about it. It is similar to having a boyfriend who says he likes long hair and skirts and I would continue to grow my hair and wear skirts. While doing that I would feel as if I am disappearing.

What is it like to come to BIFF as a director? This time you came here also as the producer/owner of your company Ku Hye Sun FILM.

▶ Everybody thinks that the agency still supports me. But that is no longer true. While carrying on YOSOOL, most likely the agency was having a hard time. The fact is that reality is cold. Just because you are a celebrity, investment does not come easily. However, I have the people. Except for the production money, I had everything. And it was possible with just that. Even if you have the money, you cannot make a movie without the people. That is a fact. These are the people who worked with me on the first short film, Cheerful Caretaker. There are more than 50 people. They waited until everything is ready and worked with me together. Those people are raising me. Even when there was no investment and no cast actors, the staff was there and ready. In that situation, when I told them that Jo SeungWoo-ssi was cast, they were all saying nonchallantly, euheng? Jo SeungWoo? (laughter)

How do you feel about doing the producing work? You have to deal with the money.

▶ Ahh, I don’t think that I can do it. Since I am a person who make things, I am not specific about exchanges and uses of money. I absolutely cannot do it. I will not be able to do it in the future either. Everything cost money~in summer, airconditioner costs money and in winter, heater cost money. Money is always needed. People may say, since I am celebrity and I have the money, I can make the movie. However, I am the head of my family–i have a retired father and family to support. I have to make the living like everybody else. There is no way one can do the work one loves without putting the reality into the equation. If I invest, my own financial life becomes very difficult. It really feels hard. This movie has do well. Only then, I will have the chance to do more next time. Acting is good too. If this was a regular movie, I would have pulled through with the production cost with just a guarantee.

It must have been hard to deal with much prejudices about the fact that you do so many things….even though you had been working on your projects for a long time.

▶ Whenever one of my work gets exposed, people tend to think that I just started doing it. In fact, I started working on the movie long time ago. I drew pictures from very long ago. I started composing from long ago as well. But people do not know that. They assume that I just recently started doing it. Even though I prepared and trained long time to become a singer before making the debut as an actress, people think that I made the sudden debut as an actress due to the ulzzang status. I hear all the time about my being part of the original first generation ulzzangs. I cannot do anything but to just leave it alone. When I become middle aged and old, maybe things can become different then. Or not. I just need to do my best. Just because I try to change things does not mean that it will be so.

It seems like something philosophical..

▶ If necessary, I have washed my hair with regular soap bar at the ourdoor faucet (it is only cold water). If I start to think that I need this and warm water to wash my hair or that I need to have everything to live, I would become tragic. I feel gratitude for having things that make life easier. In the past, I used to think that it is fundamental and natural to have everything. But I realized that is not true. Instead I realized that those are things to be grateful for. After that realization, I became comfortable. Even if I don’t have it, I am grateful. Such a realization also made me understand that it is a way to love myself.

▶ I was invited to overseas festival for YOSOOL. But BUSAN is the first time. It is the biggest movie festival in Korea and it is also an international festival. So it definitely feels heavier. I am honered. Since this movie has not yet opened, I am very tense. I have not yet relieved that tension.

You have never come to BIFF as an actress.

▶ After having made movies, I think I would feel awkward if I return to BIFF as an actress. All the movie-related people are connected and would refer to me as Dir Ku. And I would be going around in comfortable jeans. But if I were to appear in a movie and all our staff will be there…..

▶ I will be completely ignored. Our staff all look away from me if someone yells out that I am pretty. They just ignore me. Yesterday we were drinking and somebody wanted my pix. But our staff just wonders why people would want my pix. People may think it would be different to work with a celebrity. However, after two days of working with me, your will have completely different opinion.

How is that possible when the director is so flowery-pretty?

▶ Flower is absolute NO. I carry around a hammer and a square bar while working. ?sooshiro? I wear clothes that I oftern wear. One fan posted that, “If you see a person in Busan wearing a stretched out hoodie over her head with pair of knee-torn skinny jeans, then just try to grab her.” My work bag is a bag that my sister bought for me when I went to college. I still use it.

This is already your second feature film.

▶ But many times, people still call it my debut movie.

I was surprised to hear about Peach Tree. I thought you were writing a story about vampires.

▶ I sort of postponed that story. Then I suddenly had thoughts about stories. I thought about a person with two heads and appear like two people but in reality they are same person. In the past, I liked cruel/hard stories. Even my color preferences are the same. But as I get older and I have grown older, it became harder for me to watch such films as well as to make one. There are so many murder stories which are popular. Even though I only made two shorts and two long ones, I still asked myself what is my true color. I pondered over what do I really like. In reality, I tend to watch warm hearted movies. I wanted such a warm movie with a fantasy style that I like and with something that does not cost that much to make. Our staff and actors hardly get paid and still worked hard. I receive so much help. One reporter wrote that, “I am blessed with good people around me. Where did you meet such a staff.” I am truly grateful for them and I have not even properly expressed that at this time.

Your Peach Tree about Siamese twins seem like a grotesque fantasy tale.

▶ I get attached to pictures. Even if the reality on the outside may not be, I still feel that way inside the house. With YOSOOL, I wanted to make a movie that is difficult to explain. I wanted a movie that nobody can answer. However, now, I wanted to have answers.

How did you get the casting for the Peach Tree? They are quite a cast!

▶ It is the same. I sent the script to the agency of Jo Seung Woo and Ryu DukHwan. I would not dare give the scripts directly to them. I felt that it is too much to give the scripts directly to actors just because I may have close relationship with them. Both actors read the script and agreed to participate. There was another script that I wrote with Nam SangMi in mind and I gave that to her. But I was not able to talk with her about it comfortably. If we do the film together it would have been our project but until that time, it is just my script and my work. I was clear and formal in my delivery of the script.

Source: Star News, Nate

Ku Hye Sun @ BIFF 2011: "The appeal to being a director is that you get to do everything together."


Director-actor Ku Hye-sun takes part in a guest visit for her film “The Peach Tree” in Busan, South Korea on October 13, 2011. [Lee Jin-hyuk/10Asia]
Film festivals are about those who made movies communicating directly with those who enjoy films — the audience. And many directors and actors had heated discussions with the audience at the 16th Busan International Film Festival (BIFF). On Thursday, a day ahead of BIFF’s closing ceremony, director Ku Hye-sun met with the audiences of her second feature “The Peach Tree.” Many members of the audience asked meaningful questions of Ku’s story on the love between a girl and Siamese twin brothers. Below are excerpts from the event.

Are any of the characters in your movie a reflection of you?
Ku Hye-sun: All of the characters in the movie are actually reflections of me. I’m sure there are mean sides to me and warm sides to me. Yet the personality you think I have is one that I’ve created for myself while I think there are numerous sides to me within that. And I believe I have all those sides to me. I think the dad, mom, twins and Seung-ah are all different parts of who I am.

You do all sorts of things including acting, writing, music composition and drawing. But what do you think is the appeal to directing movies?
Ku: I think the largest appeal to directing films is that you get to do everything altogether. I was never someone who was very good at a single thing. And even when I was in school, I thought long and hard about the career I should lead. But I think movies are a comprehensive form of art through which I can combine all of those thoughts. And that’s why I started to direct.

Your movie contained a lot of pretty scenes. Were there moments you couldn’t decide which scenes to go with? And had you ever considered going with an ending that’s different from what we see in the movie?
Ku: “The Peach Tree” is actually the first movie I’ve shot according to its script. (laugh) And it was tough to come up with a different conclusion because the actors did great at showing their characters’ emotions. We were also working on a very tight schedule because this is a low-budget film which had to be shot in 23 sessions so I didn’t have choices to make. The scenes had to come out the way I shoot them so I had to think long and hard ahead of shooting the scenes.

I think you must’ve paid extra attention to the casting because you’re an actor yourself.

Ku: I was very lucky in terms of the casting because I got to work with all of the actors that I wanted to. I started writing the movie’s script with the names of the actors I had in mind written on the side, writing ‘Nam Sang-mi as Park Seung-ah.’ (laugh) And Cho Seung-woo and Ryoo Duk-hwan are the first actors I had thought of as well because they fit the image of their characters well.

The title of your movie is “The Peach Tree” and there’s a line that says the Siamese twin brothers are like peaches. What does ‘peach’ signify?
Ku: The main character’s name Park Seung-ah came from peach [pronounced 'pok-soong-ah' in Korean]. I’m very simple-minded. (laugh) And I found out that peach is the fruit that contains the most meanings. They’re supposed to chase away ghosts and signify the bonding of blood brothers in “The Three Kingdoms.” That’s why I felt it would be suitable for expressing several meanings. And they’re like babies bottoms, as well as people’s faces. (laugh)

Your previous movie “Magic” and this movie as well both had two main male characters and one of them got killed.
Ku: It’s not like I’m greatly curious about or interested in death but the impact it has on the audience is big. So I wanted to share the emotion of what it would feel like, as the one left behind, when someone no longer exists because he dies. The emotion that is felt when something precious to you disappears probably delivers a greater message than ‘We’ll live happily ever after.’ Although I’m not sure I’ll have the main male character to my next movie die. (laugh)

Your works have been like fairytales and fantasies rather than realistic. Do you plan to continue to make fantasy films?
Ku: I think fantasy is the direction I’m going for. I’ve even also imagined that it would be impossible to make a film that doesn’t contain fantasy. I think that’s what I’m best at doing. I’d like to continue to make fantasy films.

  • Reporter : Lee Ji-Hye. 매거진팀
  • Photographer : Lee Jin-hyuk. 사진팀
  • Editor : Jessica Kim. 영문뉴스팀
Source/Credit: 10Asia
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