Gu Hye Sun's Upcoming Drama

Gu Hye Sun's Upcoming Drama


Goo Hye Sun's new drama BLOOD will be updated in Wandering Thoughts.
I will try to make screen caps/gif and share some thoughts about the drama.


Sunday, October 25, 2009

Finding You

i look up
and there you are
standing within my reach
you smiled
and my world lit up
i could hear my heart
beating a bit faster
as your eyes stared longer
than it should be
you walk towards me
you open your arms
i did not try to resist
i feel safe and warm
secure in your tight embrace
don't let go
i want to stay
keep on holding
i will never leave
promise forever
i will love you
now and forever....

(the poem was inspired by minsun)

looking back

like a child twirling around the room
bouncing from one end to another
stopping to look from time to time
but nevertheless carefree
and innocent....

shrieking when opening gifts
laughing at stupid jokes
jumping nonstop at surprises
dancing around when music starts....

how time quickly passes by
pictures so vivid fade rapidly
if only one could stop the clock
one could cast a spell....

then time would stand still
and like a child
there will be no worries
fairy tales will always be worth
listening to.

it is amazing to capture moments like this, no pretending, innocent, is truly beautiful and wonderful in the eyes of these children. hoping it will stay the same forever.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

A Love That Is Not Meant To Be

you walked into my life
like the morning sun
shinning brightly in the sky
making me feel special
like flowers bloom in spring

i was not expecting
not even planning
still, you came close
and i was never the same

i offered friendship
you smiled
i let myself be vulnerable
you took it
now i want more
you turned away
i wonder why
you won't give an answer
still, i hoped

i saw something in your eyes
you are not afraid to show it
yet, you chose to ignore it
whatever your reasons
you hurt me with your silence

my love as beautiful as this
deserve to grow
but just like the sun
setting and hiding behind the clouds
this love was not meant to be

minsun sightings at Kim Joon's musical

A few photos of fans capturing minsun together...

minsun couple when in public

A couple of nights ago, I read that Lee Min Ho, Gu Hye Sun and Kim Bum attended a musical event to support a fellow BOF member, Kim Joon. Fancams were uploaded to the internet to verify the event. As usual, Lee Min Ho was very popular with the fans and watching the videos, I could see that he was very accommodating, always flashing his killer smile and very friendly. Gu Hye Sun, on the other hand was acting cool and trying to avoid the cameras with her very noticeable red hooded jacket.

They said that they have a very close friendship because of BOF. I just like to share my comment on their friendship. When two people are friends, they are comfortable with the presence of each other, because that's what friendship is. You talk and laugh and tease each other regardless of where you are or who are the people around you. You look, even stare at the other persons eyes without having to feel uncomfortable.

Unlike when two people are pretending to be friends only, but in truth they are romantically involved with each other but because they have reasons not to tell and trying to protect themselves to closer scrutiny of those around them.

In the case of these two, LMH and GHS, I noticed that though they have been seen in public many times, either for promotion of BOF outside Korea or just trying to get together, GHS acted uncomfortably around LMH especially when cameras are rolling. They try hard not to look at each other, they don't talk animatedly (as what the videos presented).

Watching their actions, I feel that somehow, they are hiding the truth about their relationship in public, hence the unnatural actions. They can't help themselves to be together in public but they are both careful not to stress the obvious. As a fan and a follower of their careers, I perfectly understand where they are coming from. They have their own respective careers, and they should move on from the character from which the crowd like me first loved them. There are so many opportunities ahead that they must first grab in order to maintain the success and popularity they got. Being linked together may not be good for them, career wise.

Anyway, I, together with so many minsun followers are just here, waiting for the day they will set the record straight. I, personally, believe they are a couple and confirmation is not necessary when actions are louder and concrete as far as my eyes are seeing.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

minsun moments

Being a minsun shipper is what inspired me to create this blog and post what my thoughts are. Like some people, I do believe that making BOF started a special friendship between these two beautiful stars. And I am waiting for the ultimate confirmation of their romantic relationship.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

my favorite scenes in Boys Over Flower Korean drama

This is the most heartbreaking scene in Boys Over Flower. The lines were simple and abrupt, yet full of emotions. Gu Jun Pyo had to be ruthless to protect the love of his life, Geum Jan Di.

Unforgettable Lines

I want to share my favorite unforgettable lines from movies and tv series i watched. I can't help but made a list of them, though all of them are memorized from the heart. I hope that you will also recall them as you read.

1. I'll have the memories, she'll have you...[from the song, I'll Be Okay-ost of My Best Friend's Wedding]

2. You complete me! [of course the famous line from Jerry Maguire]

3. If affections can not be mutual, let the more loving be me...[from my favorite tv drama Felicity starring Keri Russel]

4. It's like the wind. I can't see it but I can feel it.[from A Walk to Remember]

5. The hardest part about moving forward, is not looking back.[Felicity]

6. The world is just as it should be...[My Best Friend's Wedding]

7. If you love someone, say it out loud...or else, the moment will pass you by.[MBFW]

8. She's smiling...but is she happy? She looks happy, but does it matter? [from Monalisa's Smile]

9. the proposal...

I guarantee, there'll be tough times. I guarantee, that at some point one or both of us would want out. And I also guarantee, that if I don't ask you to be mine, I'll regret it for the rest of my life. Because I know in my are the only one for me.[from the movie Runaway Bride]

Aren't they unforgettable? These lines make a movie memorable and beautiful. I hope that after reading, you will be reminded of the scenes from which they came from or you will remember your own unforgettable lines and smile.


For a moment
Maybe less than a second
I glimpsed something in your eyes
As I caught you
Glancing my way

I was not sure
But badly wanted to believe
It was there in your eyes
Something flickered
Something sparkled
When you looked my way

I should have held your gaze
Longer than necessary
But I did not
I could not
I was afraid of that moment

Perhaps I was not confident
Maybe I was scared
Afraid to realize I was mistaken
That it was not there

...the poem was inspired by the video I posted from BOF.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

what inspired me to start my own blog...

I like to read books, magazines, blogs in the internet...I also love watching movies. Recently, I have been following the blogs written by kimchi, because I am also a minsun follower. I realized that i can also write my own personal thoughts about a certain topic and share them with you. I am also open to suggestions.

So, it is ms kimchi who really inspired me to create my own blog.

Thanks for inspiring me, kimchi.