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Gu Hye Sun's Upcoming Drama


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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

(LMH and GHS) Is MINSUN Couple Over?- a Shippers Question

It has been more than two years since I started this page, Personal Thoughts-mslee1107. More than two years of joining the ship and sailing with the minsunners gals @soompi. Boys Over Flower may not be the first Korean drama I watched, the first drama that I liked, coz, there were many before BOF, but, definitely, BOF is the first K-drama where I became really interested with Korean actors and actresses and what's behind the scenes.

A hit! It will always be associated with Boys Over Flowers, wherever it goes, whatever country it is being shown, because, all the boys, Lee Min Ho, Kim Hyun Joong, Kim Bum and Kim Joon are all good looking, and the girl Gu Hye Sun is not only pretty and talented, but take every viewers with her in her journey as Jan Di in the drama. Most of us find ourselves in her, in love towards a man of our dreams. Boys Over Flower also made me start this page, because I can not get enough of Jan Di and Jun Pyo. Hmm, no, this page was really meant for Lee Min Ho and Gu Hye Sun, for almost all their activities were here.

As a shipper, I surfed the net, all the blogs, just to satisfy my curiosity about LMH and GHS. Just like any  other blogger, I am with them through highs and lows as a shipper. There were many moments, and as I said before, these moments will forever be here, can not be erased, and these moments were captured, not only by camera but there are videos showing affections towards each other. There were also signs, though not confirmed, but nevertheless, they were there, for all of us to see, to take notice of, and to make analysis.

Yes, there were ups and downs...but these did not make a shipper give up. There were no confirmations...mostly rumours, still, though it hurts, the ship sails on.

I have never yet watched City Hunter. Yes, I admit that I have not yet find the time to watch it although, LMH's performance here are very impressionable just as the director of the series has commented on my previous blogs. Maybe, the reality is that, I am not that interested because for me, there will always be GHS for LMH. I watched Personal Taste and it was kind of weird seeing him with another actress, though I highly congratulate him for being a versatile actor. He is great in a drama. I was thinking of maybe watching CH after   it finished airing in Korea, maybe here on the computer. I have blogged so many scenes of CH, with LMH and PMY together. But never thought that there will be more beyond the screen for the both of them.

I really do not know PMY. I have not looked into her bio. Never knew of her past performances. Maybe coz I am not interested. I do not find her that pretty, or exceptionally pretty over GHS. So, I find it hard to believe that LMH will fall for someone like her. It's not being biased, it's just that I do not know her. While GHS, I have seen her in her simplest picture to her most glamorous picture and still find her beautiful in both. Saw her art works through here at the internet, and although I do not know how to interpret abstract or any form of painting, still, I see that she is a talented artist.

So...Is Minsun over? Personally, this page was created for both Lee Min ho and Gu Hye Sun. Most blogs here especially in the first parts of this pages were all about them, about BTS of BOF, sightings of them together after BOF was over, and some were about individual activities. A page where followers and some find their way here just to read about Lee Min ho and Gu Hye Sun. A page were I as mslee1107 has something in common with you out there, who ever you are.:)) LMH and PMY's recent closeness may be revealed by their own agencies, but, that is something else to be confirmed by Lee Min Ho, himself. If he is a good man, a man who really feels something towards a woman, he must be brave enough to tell the world about it without letting his agency do the work for him. So there will be no confusion. All is clear.

Is Minsun over?  As long as there are news about them..I will still be here..@Personal Thoughts as mslee1107.:))


  1. LMH and GHs were only rumored as a couple during BOF but never confirmed that they were in a romantic relationship. Probably this is just purely business because they need to sell the the dramas overseas. Ku hye Sun has 2 upcoming dramas and this news broked right after they announce the airing of Musical on St 2nd and Absolute Darling will be aired at the end of this year. Ku hye sun is a good catch and really workaholic and no time for dating. She is in her prime and developing herself to be one of the great movie Director. I'm sure they are still very close to each other as "friend". who know's. Min ho has a lot to promote, CFs and dramas. He needs to be always at par and interesting to her fans specially international fans, there is a lot of money involved.

  2. I will not surprise if they soon announce that the 2 broke up because of "busy schedule" Well, I wish both of them well. They are young and deserve to be happy dating. Some people are low profile and need privacy when it comes to dating. This is really interesting. BTW, City hunter and Musical are both shown on the same network (SBS). It will be interesting to watch the SBS awards this year because both dramas will be candiadate for "best Couple award" (well Ill go for Daniel Choi and GHS) :D

  3. And also it was very interesting that before the City Hunter drama starts in April/May, Ku hye sun was rumored that he had a relationship with Seo Taiji. Probably they want both of their dramas to be succesful. I believe that he still likes hye sun.

  4. thanks for all the comments you made here...really appreciated them, whatever your thoughts are, you are all free to share them here. we may not have the same thoughts about our MINSUN couple but then,it's alright coz I get to read what you have to share from your point of view.

    for whatever its worth...i came to the conclusion that I as a fan can not make choices for my k-artists. they have the right to choose someone who can make them happy even if I as a fan don't see or think that way. am only here coz i find them worthy of my time to spazz about...:))

  5. @mslee yeah you are right!!! for my point of view i do not believe to the rumors of minho dating pmy. because there is no confirmation from he himself. and i have faith to him that he will not give up hyesun easily just because of that, they have many problems that happen to both of them.. it will be very difficult for them, especiallty to minho.. i really still believe that LMH still loves GHS. for many years that i observed i saw minho how real, deep and pure is his love for hyesun. she already have a mark or seal at minho's heart.

    maybe.. he's just being silent just for now becoz he's waiting for the rumor to cool down then soon we will know latest updates about them..

    and i'm curious if the rumor is true why minho why i see to him that he's not happy he seems miserable.. and depressed.. looks like he regret the decision that his agency only done.. i know that minho agrre with that but i belive that he is just force to agree for the sake of his career.

    that's all MINSUN COUPLE FIGHTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. I came to think of the reality and several questions set in my mind.I am most bothered w/ Hye Suns situations now a days.THEMU is low in rating,Poll results dropped when previously she was ranked first every month.When the news broke up regarding LMH & PMY I felt that GHS was at the losing end.Has it something to do w UAM contract signing(whew... so hard to bring it here..sorry but that what came into my mind)or her involvement in STJ scandal.I pity her cause she is very honest in all her dealings yet she's being judged differently.Just like LMH,their situation is really pitiful most especially in the involvement of their HEART,mind,work etc.Sorry this is long but this is the only place i could share my heart bled for this two...that is if news about LMH IS FALSE.God bless us all.

  7. What is UAM means.(contract signing?.

    On the first Episode of The Musical, the rating is fine. I think it dropped because KBS and MBC aired their show on the same timeslot.
    I think Korean viewers prefer love and cinderella story. I love this drama and the whole cast.
    I still believe that this is just for promoting their drama overseas. I think both LMH and PMY agencies agreed for this scandal to attract attention, its about business..

    If the rumor is true, they are just dating..they are not engaged. he is a good looking guy and rich. He is leaving like GOO JUN PYO now. for sure its not serious dating. LMH doesn't have time, he is tooo busy to pay to much attention with his feeling. After working so hard, he needs a stress relief.

  8. No matter what happend, MINSUN Forever!!!!!! :)

  9. I really appreciate ur (mslee) effort here and also those at joondi thread,All of u are broadminded...

    I've already read o lots of stories between pmy and lmh but then the impact of it is not like the waves of mh and ghs.(my own opinion)

    It really catch my interest how all of u continue to keep the thread sailing and it really makes me proud to belong in minsun family,

    I still believe on this two(MH and HS)!!! aja

  10. SALUT ,i m from morroco,i like your blog and i appreciate your comments ,i like goohyesun and leeminho,......... i m sorry i wante write mor but i dont speack English,thanks for ur effort ......bonne contuniation


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