Gu Hye Sun's Upcoming Drama

Gu Hye Sun's Upcoming Drama


Goo Hye Sun's new drama BLOOD will be updated in Wandering Thoughts.
I will try to make screen caps/gif and share some thoughts about the drama.


Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Goo Hye Sun Has No Income, Thanks YGE for Supporting Her

Found this news interesting and insightful of what and who Gu Hye Sun really is as a person. A true artist at heart! Very humble and sincere and not an ounce of pretensions.

the news...[interview]

Goo Hye Sun Has No Income, Thanks YGE for Supporting Her


Goo Hye Sun gave an honest assessment of her financial situation and expressed her appreciation to her current agency, YG Entertainment, for showing unending support.
On the October 29 episode of MBC “Come to Play,” Goo Hye Sun said, “I turn 30 next year. I’m talented in a lot of different areas, but I hear that I’m not focusing on one specific area.”
She continued, “Every time I hear that question, I always tell them, everything I do is connected to each other. I believe art and life are eventually linked to each other. But I haven’t achieved anything big yet in one special area.”
“I don’t want to confine myself in one single area. Currently, I don’t make a lot of money. My current income is zero. If money was my goal, I probably wouldn’t have tried at all. In fact, if it was for the money, it would have been better to just focus on acting,” she said.
After the show aired, Goo Hye Sun also spoke with local media Sports Seoul and showed her appreciation to YG Entertainment. She said, “I’ve been with YG Entertainment for over 10 years now. YG gives a lot of freedom. They don’t try to control me, or demand me to make more revenue. They rather provide me with a car and a manager, and feed me as well. I once wrote them a sincere email showing all my appreciation.”
She added, “Yang Min Suk, the CEO, treats me sincerely and I have a lot of trust in him. The reason I was able to work in a lot of different areas was because of the company as well. He said, ‘Even if you don’t put on a lot of makeup or dress fancy, YG will always support you.”
Meanwhile, Goo Hye Sun is waiting for the release of “Peach Tree” on October 31, the second movie directed by herself.
FAITH's 24th episode finished last night. But I have not yet watched it, the final episode. Last night I want to peek, even though I knew that the subtitles are not there yet, just like I used to do. But...I felt that I was not yet ready to say goodbye to Choi Young and Yoo Eun Soo. I had a bad feeling of what will happen if I were to use my instinct after watching episode 23. Till now, I am not peeking or reading any reviews or news about FAITH.

Got time now, but will still wait until tomorrow. Hope it has a happy ending.:))

My thoughts? I'm a bit partial because it was lee Minho's but I will be honest, it's a good drama. Especially the love story of the King and Queen. As for Minho's acting, it's daebak! Such a good actor.

Well...just jotting down my thoughts about FAITH. I was so immersed in watching the entire drama doing screencaps became a hard task. So perhaps tomorrow when I finally watched the final episode, I'll do some.:))

Goo Hye Sun Suffered from Hair Loss While Working as a Film Director

Goo Hye Sun Suffered from Hair Loss While Working as a Film Director


Actress and film director Goo Hye Sun confessed that she suffered from serious hair loss while filming her movie “Peach Tree.”
Goo Hye Sun appeared on the MBC’s “Come to Play” episode that was aired on October 29, where she described her stressful experience as a film director.
She explained, “I kept losing more and more hair. Then I noticed that our director of photography also lost a lot of hair himself!”
The film “Peach Tree”, which includes cast members,  Cho Seung WooRyu Duk Hwan, and Nam Sang Mi, tells a story of a special love and bond between two brothers.
Goo Hye Sun reminisced, “Filming a movie is like fighting a war. It’s difficult, but at the end we become like a family.”
“Peach Tree,” which premiered in 2011, is to be released in theaters on October 31, 2012.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

[photo] Ku Hye Sun on Sure Magazine. a director's story.

cre:  MINSUN

[photo] Gu Hye Sun "Peach tree" novel autograph event


Gu Hye Sun @MBC's Come to Play 121029

Live caps by meow...

[News] Ku Hye Sun says, “I didn’t expect to cast Jo Seung Woo in my film”

Director Ku Hye Sun recently told an inside story about casting Jo Seung Woo in her new feature film.
On the episode of MBC TV’s Come To Play that aired on October 29, Ku was asked, “How did you cast Jo Seung Woo in the lead role in your film?”
Ku said, “I sent a script for the film to Jo Seung Woo’s agency. I didn’t expect to receive a reply at all. I was wondering if I should send the script, but I got a reply very quickly.”
At this, Kim Na Young said, “I was wondering if you were dating Jo Seung Woo,” and Ku said, “I cast other actors in the same way.”
Source: TV Report

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Gu Hye Sun Expresses Full Faith in YG Entertainment

Gu Hye Sun Expresses Full Faith in YG Entertainment


Lovely actress Gu Hye Sun guest recently starred in the latest episode of tvN’s “Taxi” and dished some thoughts on her ten year exclusive contract with YG Entertainment as her sole management agency. 
When MC Kim Gura asked if YG Entertainment had ever promised a share in the company through stocks as an incentive for signing an exclusive contract, Gu Hye Sun responded truthfully that she had never received any sort of offer or bribe intended to keep her with the agency. 
To the disbelief of the MCs who thought it was commonplace for accepting such offers, Gu Hye Sun explained, “I signed on with YG Entertainment believing they knew what was best for me. Our relationship is completely based on trust. Furthermore, I never felt neglected or forgotten by YG Entertainment just because they were an entertainment agency that mainly produced musical artists. In fact, I think it helped me foster a sense of independence and personal growth to be pursuing something different than most of the other YG family members.”
Gu Hye Sun’s frank response drew attention especially to the extraordinary way with which YG Entertainment appears to handle the affairs and interests of their YG Family members. 

Friday, October 26, 2012

[Photo & News] Ku Hye Sun reveals her ideal type, “Someone who looks like Lee Min Ho yet has the personality of Choi Daniel.”


Actress Ku Hye Sun revealed her ideal type.

On the episode of tvN’s Alive Talk Show Taxi that aired on the afternoon of October 25, Jeon Hyun Moo asked Ku Hye Sun, “You co-starred with many actors such as Eric, Choi Daniel and Ji Jin Hee. Who is closest to your ideal type?” She answered, “Someone who looks like Lee Min Ho yet has the personality of Choi Daniel.” 

Jeon Hyun Moon once again asked, “You sure are a woman. Then who do you want to shoot We Got Married with?” 

Ku showed her romantic expectations about love through a new meeting by saying, “I want to shoot We Got Married with a whole new person.” 

When Kim Goo Ra saw Jeon Hyun Moo eating wheat noodles after asking questions and not listening to what Ku has to say, he criticized him, “Why do you keep eating after asking her questions? You don’t make any sense.”


Sunday, October 21, 2012

GHS Plans on Marrying @30

She is living her dream at the moment but marriage is not far from her mind.:) Well, we MINSUNNERS believe that it will always be in the back of her mind, with "someone" making her happy and making her look absolutely stunning! Like her new released song, MARRY ME, it was kind of a hint...and shippers are happy.

the recent interview...

Goo Hye Sun wants to marry at 30?

cre: allkpop

Actress Goo Hye Sun revealed her marriage plans.
On the 19th, the actress featured on YTN‘s ‘Issue and People‘ for ‘Peach Tree‘, a movie that she directed. When asked about the scenario of the movie, she said, “I wanted to make a movie for my friend Nam Sang Mi.” She revealed that she made the characters in Peach Tree thinking about her friend.
The anchor also asked her when she wanted to get married, she answered, “I will definitely get married. I want to be married when I’m around 30.” The anchor joked, “You don’t have that much time left“, making her laugh.

Monday, October 15, 2012


Mianhe chingus for not having the time to update this page. But as a MINSUN shipper, I stand on my ground that I do believe and have faith in my OTP. I have posted so many things about them since I started this blog 3years ago and all has yet to be unfounded. Confirmation is the only thing that is lacking but words do not matter when action speaks louder!

So many coincidences, similar things and tweets from our MINSUN that has always been here for us to spazz. 

And personally, the latest MV/song just released by Hye Sun is another hint for us. That they are going stronger as the time flies.

Cresso...if there are no new post, don't be alarmed or feel let down. Just continue to visit and all comments from you are all appreciated. :))

You can also visit my FB page, kdramas and k-pop screencaps. Updates about Lee Minho are also posted there.

For now, this is mslee1107 thanking everyone who comes and visit this page now and then.



KU HYE SUN - MARRY ME M/V (구혜선 자작곡 '메리 미')


 Actress Ku Hye Sun transforms into a singer and released her digital single on Oct. 15th. The love song "Marry Me" is a song of her own composition that expresses an honest feelings of love towards someone. The pianist Choi In Young of Ku Hye Sun's prop house "Breathe" and the drama OST for "Take Care Of Us Captain," participated in this song. Ku Hye Sun is waiting for her 2nd long length movie "Peach Tree," that will be released on the 31st.

연 기자 구혜선이 가수로 변신하여 10월15일, 자작곡 '메리 미(Marry me)'를 디지털 싱글로 발표했다. 사랑하는 이를 향한 솔직한 표현이 돋보이는 러브송 '메리 미'는 포근한 가을 분위기와 어우러져 사랑하는 사람과 함께 들을 수 있는 곡. 구혜선의 소품집 '숨'과 드라마 '부탁해요 캡틴' OST에서 호흡을 맞춘 피아니스트 최인영이 프로듀싱과 편곡을 맡았다. 이번 달 31일에는 자신의 두 번째 장편 영화 '복숭아 나무'의 개봉을 앞두고 있다.