Gu Hye Sun's Upcoming Drama

Gu Hye Sun's Upcoming Drama


Goo Hye Sun's new drama BLOOD will be updated in Wandering Thoughts.
I will try to make screen caps/gif and share some thoughts about the drama.


Saturday, November 17, 2012

MINSUN Couple...His and Hers Shoes?

I dropped by @the thread and I saw a post of @regie 22. I stared for a long time, still my eyes says it's similar. Perhaps a his&hers shoes?

What do you think, chingus? :))

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Happy Birthday To Gu Hye Sun!

Another year has been added to our beautiful unnie, Gu Hye Sun. Tomorrow, November 09, she will celebrate her birthday, hopefully  with the one who has been making her happy. No wonder Minho arrived back already after he went to China. Perhaps to celebrate with her.

The shipper in me is making wild guesses again. But then again, it may not be far from the truth if the recent post here and the photos of them both scattered through the net will be the telling factor of what is the real status between them.

Anyway, Saengil Chuka Hamnida Gu Hye Sun! May you stay lovely and happy and in love always. Wishing more success in your craft as a director, actress and as a singer. May you continue to be a model to those around you and your humility always be in you. Wishing you more exhibits in the future. Your depth as an artist be an inspiration to others.

This is mslee1107 wishing all these just for you!

Monday, November 5, 2012

My MINSUN Rings, Couple Attire and Same Shoes - Do I Need More Proof?

Reasons why I believe. It's not just pure FAITH, but seeing with my own eyes. [to see is to believe:))] 

Happiness can not be faked or photoshoped. TRUE happiness radiates. When hearts are in love, everything is beautiful, just like my MINSUN.

I am so glad I have stayed and waited. For although I have yet to hear and read their confirmations, these awesome facts are posted in front of me. These are recent photos. 

Would like to give credits to the owner of the photos as tagged, to my unnies @Joondi thread, sukreen, prettywiz, regie22 and to all who have stayed loyal to our OTP who are always sharing their thoughts and awesome photos with their keen eyes. I have not been as diligent and active in posting or even visiting the thread, but of course, with this blog I dedicate my thoughts to all MINSUN shippers out there.

First, the rings. She was as I remember always trying to protect either herself or Minho. She was caught wearing a ring way back but then she would hide it and not put it on. For me, it's a way to protect her privacy, their privacy. After all hounding medias are everywhere.

But looking at her now wearing a ring on her middle finger. It definitely means something!

And that something could be because of this brave man, who for the longest time has been wearing a ring on his middle finger also and not afraid of cameras around him. He has been silent but consistent. Consistent in making us shippers aware of the true nature of their relationship. And look how happy these two are. Their eyes are twinkling and their aura are that of a person contented with love. 

Have you noticed the attire? Same blue denim shirt inside with knitted dark/grey sweater or cardigan on the outside. Definitely couple things!


And the shoes which @prettywiz shared spotting. 


These are additional facts and similar items from long list of my "similar items" already archived here.

Do I need more proof? Perhaps. To solidify my belief. But for now, I am contented and happy as my MINSUN is.

this is mslee1107 believing and keeping the FAITH. :))

Thursday, November 1, 2012

[포토]'복숭아나무'의 구혜선 감독입니다 [photo] "Peach Tree" director, Goo


GHS, director of "Peach Tree" with charming smile prior to the interview conducted 1 pm at a cafe in the Samcheongdong today.

GHS - “Afterimage” Exhibition in Daegu

Credit as tagged

Source: + joondithread

Ku Hye Sun updates on Facebook on 01/11/2012



credit loveghs.wordpress + sukreen@joondithread

Faith - my thoughts on the final episode

Finally! Faith episode 24 came to an end.

For awhile I was a bit confused. But now I understand the story. Am I correct in my understanding that it was like a reincarnation? Yoo Eun Soo was really there before that's why there are many things left like the diary and the tools.. When she came back, she came back 100 years before Choi Young's birth. And that time she did not have that FAITH, unlike now. So, her things became old, relics.

But this time, she kept on finding him. To meet him again even though time separated them. 5 years gone Choi Young's time but seemed hours only for Eun Soo. Her FAITH was strong and unyielding and in the end she found him.

Do I make any sense? [laughs]

Well, Minho never disappoints me. He is a fine young actor. Very good. Chongmal! Wish they hugged at the end of the scene. But perhaps PDnim thought he wanted a classic ending, with the big tree and beautiful bakground surrounding the couple. Anyway, he made his point. The ending, though lacking in romance was beautiful. Love Minho's look. The appearance of 5 o'clock shadow on his chin and upper lip made him mature yet very masculine. As for Kim Hee Sun, she is so beautiful.

Hmm..another drama ends. What's next Lee Minho?

Lee Min Ho Talks about Ending “Faith”

Lee Min Ho Talks about Ending “Faith”


On the morning of the October 30, the shooting for the SBS drama “Faith,”starring Lee Min Ho and Kim Hee Sun, came to an end.
Lead actor Lee Min Ho expressed his gratitude and said, “I met a very charming character through this drama. I thank the fans who have loved ‘Faith’ and my character, and I also thank the drama staff for going through everything during these past 6 months.”
“Despite the harsh situations, the actors and staff didn’t say a word and just did their very best. I believe that being loyal with our audience is a great virtue and having done our best, I don’t have any regrets,” said Lee Min Ho.
The actor lastly said, “I want to put down the heavy weight I had on my shoulders, eat some hot homemade food and sleep for 3 days. I want to applaud to everyone who worked so hard until the last minute.”
According to a source from the actor, Lee Min Ho had caught the flu on the first of shooting, and kept getting bruises and injuries all throughout the filming of the drama. But because the actor didn’t want to have any negative impact on the team, Lee Min Ho did not say anything.
On that day, when the director Kim Jong Hak yelled the “Ok” sign, the whole staff and actors clapped their hands and celebrated the ending of the drama. Lee Min Ho then went to hug each of the 100 members of staff and thanked them individually.
Throughout this drama, Lee Min Ho continued to receive rave reviews for his talented acting skills with his portrayal of the leading character Choi Young. 
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