Gu Hye Sun's Upcoming Drama

Gu Hye Sun's Upcoming Drama


Goo Hye Sun's new drama BLOOD will be updated in Wandering Thoughts.
I will try to make screen caps/gif and share some thoughts about the drama.


Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Lee Min Ho Photoshoot in Thailand (02/22/12)

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Hye Sun Updated her Twitter 120222

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중학교 1학년. 막 사춘기를 겪기 시작할 무렵이였지요. 가을이 그렇게 슬펐더랍니다.^^지금은 가을 좋아해요

I google translate it and this is what it says...[mslee1107]

First year of middle school. By adolescence, the show was just about to start suffering. Seulpeotdeorapnidafall so ^ ^ I love the fall.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Lee Min Ho for Cosmopolitan Korea March 2012


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Actress Goo Hye Sun on the 18th of February updated her twitter account saying, "Captain you must get off to work now" and along with the update she shared a selca. On her selca she can be seen wearing a pilot outfit and shows off her cute face.

With her porcelain skin, large eyes and warm smile, Goo Hye Sun look's like a doll wearing a pilot outfit. Netizens commented, "She looks like a real doll", "She looks good also in the drama", "She's doing well in the drama". Meanwhile Goo Hye Sun is currently participating in the SBS drama "Take Care of Us, Captain".


Goo Hye Sun Twitter Update Feb. 10-20 2012

Been busy for awhile that's why these twitter updates from our lovely GHS will be posted late by mslee1107. Mianhe.
Well, just to update you guys....hope these photos tweeted by Hye Sun will make you happy.:))

from recent tweet [120220] to old  tweets [120210] 

cre: @koohs

언니네 카페. 벽에 그림을 그리고 있습니다. 감자는 소 같지요? 하지만 일은 저 혼자만 합니다. 소처럼요.ㅎ 


 - 사고친 감자...혼나고 있어요. 눈썹이 씰룩씰룩. 반성중입니다.

감자 육개월전. 모습입니다. 요녀석. 정말 말안듣게 생겼지요? 어젠 쓰레기통을 한바탕 뒤집어 놓았는데요. 어제도 이런 표정이었어요. 악당ㅎ 

작업실입니다. 함께 작업하는 미술감독님이 쓱싹쓱싹 만들어주셨지요. 감자녀석이 가장 좋아합니다.ㅎ 

캡틴! 출근해야지요. 일좀 하자구요~^^ 

옷장정리를 했는데요. 제가 가진 티셔츠가 전부 남자옷입니다. 사이즈가 100~110이네요.엄청 크고 편하지요. 현장 막노동용이기도 하구요. 데이트용이기도 하지요.ㅎ저 만나심 옷 같이 입을수 있어요ㅎ


and GHS tweeted..."Mary Me!"

Minoz Official Photos

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Thursday, February 9, 2012

GHS Designs "GDTOP logo"


"GDTOP's logo designed by YG's talented lady. Go Hye Sun! she is so adorable! she can act, sing, dance, and direct film!"


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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

GHS tweeted 120206

cre: @koohs

 - 대만. '절대그이' 촬영현장인데요. 유준걸 감독님의 딸 '나나'와 언제나 함께했지요. ì

Sunday, February 5, 2012

MINSUN Identical Items...[recent]

Well, what makes us shippers happy and keep the faith are things we see that looks like couple or identical worn by MINSUN couple. Really, our sisters @the thread have sharp eyes and always ready to share with us anything that's similar [or looked identical] and makes us spazz!

prettywiz, Surie_riri and sukreen

look at their jackets, hoodies, and the caps...:))
makes me wonder coz they really look couple things!

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 Posted Image
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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

“City Hunter’s” Lee Min Ho Goes Beyond Asia and Captures Parisians’ Hearts


“City Hunter’s” Lee Min Ho Goes Beyond Asia and Captures Parisians’ Hearts

City Hunter’s” Lee Min Ho was named the best Korean actor of 2011 by French hallyu fans.  Recently,Dramas Mangas Sensei (DMS) conducted a poll, asking fans to vote for the best Korean actor and drama of 2011. Out of 33 dramas, “City Hunter” took the no. 1 spot with 24.75% of the votes, while Lee Min Ho was voted the best out of 32 actors with 26.71%. 
In the drama category, Yoon Eun Hye’s “Lie to Me” and CNBlue’s Jung Yong Hwa’s “Heartstrings” took the second and third spots with 18.77% and 9.21% respectively. For the best actor category, Lee Min Ho won by a landslide, as “Secret Garden’s” Hyun Bin was a distant second with 11.2%. CNBlue’s Jung Yong Hwa was a close third with 10.98%.  
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