Gu Hye Sun's Upcoming Drama

Gu Hye Sun's Upcoming Drama


Goo Hye Sun's new drama BLOOD will be updated in Wandering Thoughts.
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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Lee Min Ho & Park Min Young kiss for an hour and a half for “City Hunter”

A preview for Lee Min Ho and Park Min Young’s epic kiss scene has just been revealed!

On April 19th, the two actors visited a club in Seoul’s Kangnam area to film a kiss scene for SBS’s “City Hunter“. Lee Min Ho was scripted to kiss Park Min Young spontaneously to perform his mission as a ‘city hunter’; Park Min Young happened to be at the club to protect the President’s daughter, ‘Da Hae’, as part of her job as a secret service agent.

In order to successfully pull off the scene, Lee Min Ho had to kiss Park Min Young rather powerfully to give off the feeling that the kiss was unplanned. It was a short kiss, but the couple reportedly filmed for an hour and a half to get the scene just right.
The production team for “City Hunter” stated, “The kiss was an important scene to serve as a turning point for the couple’s relationship. The two showed perfect harmony in a happy environment, so the filming commenced well.”
“City Hunter” is scheduled to air on May 25th, so be sure to check back for updates!

Source: DongA via Nate

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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Jiro Wang may replace Wu Chun as the lead cast in Absolute Darling

Wu Chun dropped out from GTV idol drama “Absolute Darling”, it is said that Jiro Wang may be replacing Wu Chun and has even done styling. Nonetheless, Jiro responded through his management, saying that he’s now busy with  movie “Purple House” (紫宅) and next plan has not yet confirmed. Absolute Darling’s production company, COMIC stated the same that Jiro has to finished his movie first and it is still in liaison about his picking up.

“Absolute Darling” originally planned with Wu Chun & Ku Hye Sun as leading roles. The two A-grade casts were GTV’s main focus this year. However, the progress of drama is uncertain after the male lead drop-out. GTV was upset by Wu Chun, who they have put great effort in his career; its Deputy General Manager Lai Cong Bi said, “We are not interfering in this issue, we will wait for production unit to inform us about the cast.”  

COMIC producer Wang Xin Gui said that there are many issues need to be settled because of the sudden drop-out. “Jiro has already had plan on his movie, it might not work out even if we ask him for help.” Wu Chun & Jiro have been competing for years. Wu Chun has proceed to movie earlier thus Jiro is putting high expectation on his Chinese movie “Purple House”. His management said, “He just want to focus on his movie right now.”


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City Hunter Still Photos

Lee Min Ho in his chic hunter-look charm in City Hunter

Seoul, Korea – Actor Lee Min Ho preshowed his charm through his chic, city-hunter-look fashion.

Lee Min Ho has been cast in SBS TV ‘City Hunter” as Lee Yun Sung – a young doctorate from MIT working in the “State-Directed Communications Network” team.

Lee Min Ho, really starting his shooting in Korea after the shot in Thailand, caught people’s eyes from the beginning with his hunter-look fashion that shows his masculine beauty in a dandy style.

He came to the studio in comfortable yet stylish outfits, with a long black jacket with a turned-up collars and gray pants. His bling-perm completed by khaki-brown hair color also added to his attractiveness.

This is a 180-degree change from his shot in Thailand where he showed off his natural style with wavy hair. He exhibited his more mature and masculine beauty through his hunter-look fashion and glaring eyes.

“Lee Yun Sung a character who is affectionate and optimistic yet always struggles in loneliness and solitude to serve the justice. I am much counting on Lee Min Ho who is full of drive himself,” told the production company of ‘City Hunter’

On the other hand, ‘City Hunter,’ a soap opera based on a popular Japanese comic book under the same title, will depict the original story of delightful solving of the cases as well as the added story of how the protagonist grew to become the city hunter. ‘City Hunter’ will be first aired on May 25, starring Lee Min Ho, Park Min Young, Lee Jun Hyuk and Goo Hara.

By Seo Eun Hye (

Source: TVReport (Original article in Korean)
Photo from TVReport DB
Translated by Yesul Kwak / en.korea
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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

‘City Hunter’ Lee Min Ho rides on an elephant

"Flower boy" Lee Min Ho rides an elephant.

The popular actor recently visited Thailand to film his new SBS drama, “City Hunter“, which will start airing on May 25th. To shoot the first scene, the actor had a unique opportunity of riding on top of an elephant.
Lee Min Ho reportedly enjoyed his first-ever elephant ride so much that he turned into a commanding ‘city hunter’ despite the danger of falling.
Because of the gigantic size of the elephant, Lee Min Ho looked quite small in comparison to the animal, but was able to get on its back without any fear. Reportedly, the 8 elephants used for the shooting were able to be borrowed due to the actor’s immense popularity in Thailand.
A filming staff member stated, “Lee Min Ho is adapting well to becoming a ‘city hunter’. He brightened up the filming atmosphere by maintaining his relaxed smile throughout the elephant ride.”

Source: Chosun via Nate/ allkpop

Actor Lee Min-ho takes photo with "City Hunter" staff in Thailand

Korean actor Lee Min-ho with "City Hunter" staff in Thailand. [Lee Min-ho's official Facebook website]  

Korean actor Lee Min-ho has uploaded a picture from his recent drama  shoot in Thailand on his official Facebook website  (http://www.facebook....icialLeeMinho/).

On Wednesday, Lee  posted a photograph of himself and the crew of his upcoming SBS TV  series "City Hunters" dining out with a comment below saying, "We've  shooted very well in Thailand. Korean shooting just start today. Thanks  to all of Minoz. ^^...(With CITY HUNTER Staff.)"

Over 2,250 fans  left various responses such as, "I can't wait for your new drama start!  FIGHTING Lee Min-ho!" "Did you have fun in Thailand?! Please come back  soon!" and "I am really excited to see the new series!"

Lee flew  into Bangkok, Thailand late last month to begin shooting for "City  Hunter," originally a Japanese manga series by Tsukasa Hojo, about a  private detective named Ryo Saeba who works to get rid of crime in the  city of Tokyo during the latter half of the 1980s.

Producer Jin  Hyuk of hit dramas "Brilliant Legacy" and "Princess Prosecutor" and  writer Hwang Eun-kyung of "The President" will collaborate to create  "City Hunter" set to premiere on May 25.

Lee first appeared in  various TV and short dramas in 2006 and rose to stardom in Korea and  throughout Asia after starring in KBS' hit TV series "Boys Over Flowers"  alongside Ku Hye-sun and Kim Hyun-joong.

His last small screen  role was in March where he pretended to be a homosexual man in MBC's  "Personal Taste" opposite Korean actress Son Ye-jin.

source: minsun@facebook

City Hunter Filming (04/17/11)

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City Hunter filming @ Gwanghamun (04/13/11)

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