Gu Hye Sun's Upcoming Drama

Gu Hye Sun's Upcoming Drama


Goo Hye Sun's new drama BLOOD will be updated in Wandering Thoughts.
I will try to make screen caps/gif and share some thoughts about the drama.


Thursday, February 24, 2011

Choi Daniel and Lee Joon Hyuk are going to appear in Ku Hye Sun's 'Peach Tree' to show their friendship


Ku Hye Sun's second featured film received many attentions. Choi Daniel and Lee Joon Hyuk are going to have cameo appearance in Ku Hye Sun's movie to show off their friendship.

According to the agency, "This is a movie about fantasy, the three main actors were confirmed. They are Jo Seung Woo, Ryu Duk Hwan and Nam Sang Mi. And now, Choi Daniel and Lee Joon Hyuk is going to join the team for cameo appearance."

Lee Joon Hyuk acted in the drama 'Three Brothers' whereas Choi Daniel acted in drama 'High Kick Through The Roof' and movie 'Cyrano: Dating Agency'. The reason for both actors to appear in the movie because they would like to show their strong friendship.

On the other hand, the main actors for Ku Hye Sun's first feature film 'YoSool', Seo Hyun Jin and Lim Ji Gyu are going to have cameo appearance in 'Peach Tree' too.

Recently, Ku Hye Sun has established a new production company under 'Ku Hyesun Film'. Ku Hyesun will begin shooting 'Peach Tree' in Spring season.

credit: Baidu Hyesun

Wu Chun drops out of Absolute Boyfriend and remains without contract (?)


It has also been leaked that Wu Chun has dropped out of both his upcoming series (Absolute Boyfriend) and movie (Summer Holiday 2) leading to many speculations of him preparing to leave the entertainment industry.

Read the full article at cpopaccess

辞演聚集电影 吴尊淡出娱乐圈
Drop out of drama & movie, Wu Chun fades out from showbiz

吴尊于去年底与经理人公司可米和华研唱片合约届满,至今两个月仍没有续约,他曾表示为了爸 爸,欲放弃唱歌,令飞轮海拆伙之说甚嚣尘上,虽然约满后他仍有唱片宣传和商演工作,但其实一直只在履行合约届满前订下的工作;不过,最近有消息指他推掉原 本答应演出与韩星具惠善合作的电视剧《绝对达令》和马楚成的电影《夏日么么茶2》,不禁令人揣测他有意退出娱乐圈。
WuChun's contract with Comic & HIM has expired at the end of last year, and has not renew for 2months since then. He expressed that he would abandon singing for his father, which leads to all the rumors about breakup of FRH. though he still went for promotion and performance of the album after the contract ends, those were the jobs set according to his previous contract. nonetheless, it is said that he has dropped out of "Absolute Darling", in which co-work with Ku Hye Sun, and "Summer Love 2" directed by Jingle Ma, and is suspected that he would leave the showbiz.

去年十二月十七日吴尊 为电影《大武生》煞科后即返回汶莱,除了为飞轮海唱片《太热》在国内和日本做宣传和商演外,其余时间都留在老家,为筹备其健身房 Fitness  Zone第三间分店开幕,期间他只返过台湾工作两、三天,离开台湾时,有歌迷目睹他好像搬家一样,带了大箱小箱行李返回汶莱。
On Dec 17 last year, WC went back to Brunei right after finishing "Da Wu Sang". Apart from promotions of FRH's album "Heat" & performances in Japan & China, he remained in his home country, preparing for the 3rd branch of his gym Fitness Zone. During that period, he went for work in TW for 2-3 days. When he left TW, some fans witnessed that he seems like moving back to Brunei with lots of luggages.

最近,有消 息透露,已约满经理人公司的吴尊,没有跟公司续约,而且更先后推掉了电视剧《绝对达令》和电影《夏日么么茶2》演出,这部跟韩星具惠善合作的电视剧《绝对 达令》,去年十月五日曾在台湾举行记者会,当时还开拍了一天,不过有说中、韩、台三方合作出现问题,已取消韩国为主要拍摄地的计划,有传制作上屡见货不对 板,令吴尊无法接受,可米和八大电视目前正力挽狂澜说服他演出;此外,吴尊去年答应马楚成,于今年接拍电影《夏日么么茶2》,但年初亦已正式推辞,导演未 能找到合适人选补上,开拍计划押后。
Recently, it is leaked that WC did not renew his contract with his management company since expired, and also dropped out pf drama "Absolute Darling"  and movie "Summer Holiday 2". "Absolute Darling" co-staring Korean star Ku Hye Sun, has held a press conference in TW on Oct 5, and filming has even started for one day. But it is said that there's problem in the cooperation between China, Korea & Taiwan, the original plan to conduct most filming in Korea has been canceled (seems we never know about this plan ). it is rumored that the production unpromising work makes WC feel unacceptable, Comic & GTV have been trying their best to persuade him. Furthermore, WC accepted Jingle Ma's offer to star in his movie "Summer Holiday2" this year, but he rejected that early this year and the director postponed the plan since WC's replacement could be found yet.

Confessed that contract has expired for the first time

吴尊在演艺圈工作五年,在经理人公司安排下拼命工作,一年只有新年假 期,令他一直有愧于忽略家人,更萌放弃唱歌减少工作量来照顾爸爸的念头,吴父也希望儿子不再操劳,能返回汶莱过简单生活,所以约满后,吴尊已返回汶莱居 住。
WC has been working in showbiz for 5 years. Under the arrangement of his management company, he has been working non-stop with New Year as the only holiday during the years. He feel guilty for ignoring his family and planned to abandon singing to reduce his working for taking care of his father. WC's dad hopes that his son can work less and back to Brunei for simple life. thus after the contract ended, WC moved back to Brunei.

二月十三日,吴尊的Fitness  Zone第三间分店开幕,吸引数百名粉丝来到汶莱支持偶像,记者逗留汶莱四天,吴尊所到之处都是粉丝前呼后拥,还有香港粉丝开车追踪,万人迷魅力不减,接 受本刊独家专访时,他首次谈到内心想法
On Feb 13, WC's Fitness Zone opened its 3rd branch, attracted hundreds of fans to Brunei to support him. Reporter stayed in Brunei for 4 days, WC was cheered by his fans everywhere he went. there were also HK fans driving around to follow him, proving his charisma. When interviewed by our magazine, he disclosed his thoughts for th first time.

[因为我的contract道了,没有续新约,大家就联想到我不想继续做,我一直都说做得开心就继 续做,不开心就返汶莱,大家都知道娱乐圈不是我唯一的事业,公司找我倾续约,但我仍未决定自己的将来,所以hold住,约满前签了很多工作,还有工作要 做。(飞轮海其余三子一年前都续约了。)每个人都有自己的想法,我是汶莱人,不是在台湾生活,要考虑因素自然比他们多一点,要想得很清楚才能决定。(听闻 有很多公司想签你?)我没想得太远,要做的工作还是先做好才算,总之做任何决定都对得住自己,不要让自己后悔就是了。]
"Because of contract expired without renewal, everyone thought that I would not continue. I have always said that I would continue if I'm happy, and back to Brunei if not. everyone knows that showbiz is not my only business. Management company contacted me for contract renewal but I have decided my future yet thus put it on hold. Lots of works have accepted before contract expired, and I still have works to do (other 3 members has renewed their contract last year) Everyone has his own thought, I am from Brunei, not living in Taiwan, so there are more considering factors for me. I have to think thoroughly before making a decision. (heard that there were many companies want to sign contract with you?) I have thought that much, if I work I have to work my best, It is for my own good for any decision made, I don't want to be regret."

对于推掉《绝对达 令》和《夏日么么茶2》,他说:[《绝对达令》死档期不能配合,四至八月我都要为《阳光天使》和《大武生》宣传,要看公司安排,《夏日么么茶2》仍在洽谈 中,公司仍帮我倾紧很多电影。(放弃唱歌的想法有没有改变?)未来我想放多些时间在想做的事情上,飞轮海刚出了唱片,下一张也不知何时会出,都没有想太多 了。]
regarding dropping out of "Absolute Darling" & " Summer Holiday2", he said, "Absolute Darling" is due to schedule clash, I have to do promotions for "Summer Angel" & "Da Wu Sang" during April to August, it depends on company's arrangement. "Summer Holiday2" is still in liaison, my company is negotiating many movies right now. (any change of mind in abandon singing?) I originally plan to put more time on the thing that I want to do. FRH's album has just released and do not know when would be the next thus I have not thought much about that."

I would skip the rest as they are purely about WC
至于上次离开台湾返汶莱好像搬家一样,吴尊说:[当然啊!汶莱才是我真正的家,当然要将自己东西带回家, (看到你在汶莱很开心,真的没有想过退出吗?)有少少想,哈哈!因为我很想念家人,回到家很开心,另一方面是内疚,对家人和健身室的staff一样,过往 没好好照顾爸爸,他的腰和腿有事又不能陪他看医生,我的stadd在工作上常要等我的指引和决定,但我没有时间理他们,所以我一拍完《大武生》就回来跟进 开新店事宜,这两个月,放很多时间在这边工作,尽力做最多的事,跟员工开户,听会员意见,了解要改善的地方,尽力弥补。]

五年来赚到不少 钱,感觉满足吗?
[我本来就生活不错,但不想用爸爸的钱,自己赚到钱,可以take  care自己的生活是很有成就感,但同时那种满足感觉是一半一半,因为失去的一半是 没有时间陪家人,也失去了**,我其实对演艺事业没有信心,大部分的动 力是来自我的fans,没有他们赚多多钱也难撑下去,我的信心是他们给我,所以不会轻易说退出,我会继续做,不过需要很大的**,喜欢的工作才接。]

是 不是因为五年工作量太多,所以希望有更大**?
[辛苦都应该,是要有牺牲,当初签一间公司,都不知自己会不会红,所以很尊重公司的决定,红了,同 样尊重公司,我很珍惜每一天在工作里学到的东西,好伙食不好也会增加experience,对**后做的每一个决定都有帮助,我比较幸运,就算多辛苦都会 用好正面的想法去看每一件事。]

吴尊一直忙于第三间分店开张,新年期间,他曾举家十六人到澳洲度岁。[我常常没时间陪家人,每一年新年有 假期,就会很期待一家人去玩和吃东西,尤其是今年多了一个新成员,是姐姐十个月大的儿子,感觉特别热闹,我陪爸爸到赌场玩,他赢了几千汶币(约港币几万 元),足够我们这个旅程的膳食和shopping费用,蛮不错啊!]


Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Beyond The Screen..Minsun Couple

Boys Over Flower premiered more than two years ago, still, it claimed the first spot in many on line streaming on the net. It's popularity has not died down yet, and local network here in our country plays it from time to time, because followers and shippers can't get enough of Lee Min Ho and Gu Hye Sun, not to mention 4d leader Kim Hyun Joong, Kim Bum and Kim Joon who are also popular in their own respective field.

There really is noting new in the plot of BOF, rich boy meets struggling girl, one of his best friend falls in love with his girl, rich parents are against the relationship..and so on. Still, BOF made a lasting impression on us viewers because we found the great chemistry surrounding our hero and heroine, Gu Jun Pyo and Geum Jan Di aka Lee Min Ho and Gu Hye Sun.

Many BTS and NG's made our hearts soar with happiness, seeing how the two acted beyond the screen. It's not just a simple camaraderie, but we sensed, see, and feel the attraction between them. The subtle flirtation, the nudging of arms, caught candidly on cameras, the playful way they teased each other and many more actions that  can not be denied merely by words. They were recorded for us to see.

I have been to soompi and the thread is somewhat lacking in spirit, maybe because there is no single news about the couple. But what's good about the shippers is that they continue to support both Lee Min Ho and Gu Hye Sun, they keep their faith, and the friendship that bounds the shippers are so inspiring despite the lack of news.

I just want to add my own thoughts about our Minsun Couple.

Yes, it felt real. I, like any other shipper saw almost all the videos and events they were in. I also believed that there is something between them, though no confirmation was made. The support I saw especially on Lee Min Ho's part towards Gu Hye Sun's activities was real. And I believed, Lee Min Ho did his part well as a "close friend" of Gu Hye Sun, by letting the public see that he cares. He did not conceal wearing a ring that we Minsun shippers believed to be a "couple ring". Unlike GHS, who was captured wearing the same(almost) ring in one or two occasions, but then stopped wearing the said mysterious ring. She was seen wearing it on the night of the VIP premiere of her movie Magic where LMH also attended, but tried to avoid the press by coming up late. He was also seen wearing the "ring".

These moments made shippers high.

Being a Korean Drama addict...i began following other actors/actress too. One couple I also find cute are Hyun Bin and Song Hye Kyo, when I saw them at Worlds Within. and just like  LMH and GHS, their chemistry is so great it goes beyond the screen. And the good news was, it turned into something deep. But because they are already both established as an actor, they have made their names not only in Korea but outside the country, they have the guts to acknowledge each other and confirm the status of their relationship to the press people. Maybe, age and maturity has to do with it. But since then, people are clamouring for more. They want inside news. They want every detail. And because of popularity, some fans want their idol to be with someone else..perhaps with the person they are being paired off at the moment. These arose more rumours, and surely, somehow these scenarios are just some that cause headaches to the managers, handlers, and of course to the persons involved who are in relationship. And to preserve some privacy, Hyun Bin opted not to respond on all speculations going around, and so is SHK who remained silent.

I like to think that,  our Minsun couple are handling their situations very well. With LMH's popularity soaring high, it is not good if he will be associated continuously with a former co-star, who is also making a name for herself and succeeding quite well as an actress and as a director, not to mention as an artist and as a composer/singer.

Let us give them both space. They needed it badly. What we don't know, must be the precious times they have with each other, be it as a friend or as a colleague who cares towards each other. Let us give them time to develop as an artist, to stand up on their own and when they are already strong and established, no scandal can make them down, then that's the time for all the confirmation.

Boys Over Flowers will forever be a drama that will stay close to our hearts. It made us laugh, cry, sad, be in love and most of all, it brought friendship into our lives. I, as mslee1107 has made friends here in the net, friends outside my country, friends who maybe someday I will meet in person, and  they are the people who shared all the special moments with me as we follow our Minsun Couple.

Just keep on believing...FIGHTING!!!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Lee Min Ho, “I Want to Receive the Top Excellence Award”


“I would like to challenge myself to win the top excellence award this year! Hahaha”

Born as the year of rabbit, Lee Min Ho(24) revealed his New Year’s resolution for 2011.

Lee Min Ho reached his stardom on KBS2 Drama “Boys Over Flowers” in 2009, and was also recognized for his role in MBC “Personal Taste” last year. His next drama will be SBS “City Hunter” which is planning to air in May of this year.

We asked him, “What’s your biggest hope?” Lee Min Ho replied with a bright smile, “I only have one thought, and that is my upcoming drama ‘City Hunter.’ Just like what I’ve always done in the past, I would like to give it my best and hope for the best.”

Recently, Lee Min Ho’s day starts off with working out, and ends with working out. From time to time, he will go to his favorite cafe in Seoul Gangnam to enjoy a cup of coffee with his acquaintances.

We were able to have this sudden interview with him because of his simple(?) daily routines. We went to his favorite cafe and met him by chance, and we asked him if we could interview him. However, he responded, “If we meet again by chance, I promise to have an interview then.” Our eyes met again at the VIP movie premiere for “Children…” Now, a few days have past and we’re sitting here at the same cafe enjoying the interview.

“Now that I think about it, I haven’t had an interview after ‘Boys Over Flowers.’ Haha. I’m really busy working out these days. This is my first time ever working out so hard like this. I go to action school three times a week. I have weight training class every day, and I’m also learning how to swim. Because of the workouts, I was able to lose weight on my face. I sometimes come to this cafe just to relax.”

While he was getting off the van with a refreshing iced Americano in his hand, one fan came up to him and asked him for an autograph. She had a young daughter who was a big fan of him, and shyly handed him the paper to sign.

“I feel thankful [for my fans]. Lee Min Ho was able to exist because of the love he received from his fans. However, there was a time when I became impatient because people did not notice me. I have an optimistic personality. Haha. Nowadays, there’s a lot more people who notice me, so I always believe that I need to do my best. I want to return their love as well.”

“City Hunter” will be his first drama in 2011, and will also be his third drama overall. He puts a lot of love and effort into each of his work. The upcoming drama is adapted from a famous Japanese manga written by Hojo Tsukasa. Lee Min Ho will be playing the main character as a charismatic yet heartwarming CIA agent, and will show a different type of charm throughout the drama.

“I was able to win the Best Newcomer Award for KBS through ‘Boys Over Flowers.’ I also won the Excellence Award for MBC ‘Personal Taste’ last year. For this year, I would like to win the Top Excellence Award for SBS ‘City Hunter.’ Haha. I am earnestly preparing myself, so please watch over me. Also, Sports Seoul readers, please have a Happy Lunar New Year!”

Original Source:
Translated By: Solly @ Lee Min Ho’s World

Goo Hye Sun starts own production company


Multi-talented Korean actress Goo Hye Sun ("Boys Over Flowers," "Pure in Heart") has reportedly started her own production company. The actress, currently managed by YG Entertainment, has recently registered her own production company named “Goo Hye Sun Films.”
After gaining worldwide fame from her unforgettable role as the high-kicking Geum Jan Di in "Boys Over Flowers," Goo Hye Sun continues to break the mold of a typical idol star. Goo Hye Sun has proven herself to be successful in other fields of entertainment. Aside from being an award-winning actress, she is also an artist, a singer, a pianist, a film director, and a model.

In 2010, Goo Hye Sun completed a full-length feature film entitled "Magic" and a short-film entitled "You." She also directed the trailer for the 13th Seoul International Women's Film Festival. In 2009, she released her album entitled "Breathe."

Goo Hye Sun is truly a superwoman. Fans of the actress will be happy to know that her upcoming drama project is set to be shown this year. Her new drama is a Taiwanese version of “Absolute Boyfriend,” which is based on the successful Japanese manga and drama series "Zettai Kareshi." She will star opposite Taiwanese boy-band member Wu Chun of Fahrenheit.

Photo courtesy of SportsKorea

By Catherine Deen, For Yahoo! Southeast Asia
credits: Yahoo Philippines Entertainment

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Lee Min Ho and Park Min Young for City Hunter

Park Min Young

Lee Min Ho

SBS City Hunter will soon finish casting and will start filming. It was revealed that actress Park Min Young will play the lead role opposite Lee Min Ho. It will be finalize on the 17th and will begin shooting in March

An official stated on February 16th, “There will be a filming rehearsal at the beginning of March, and we are expecting to go into official productions around the middle of March.”

City Hunter is scheduled to air it's premiere in May 25th.

Source: Star NewsOSEN via Nate

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

GHS directing IWFF Official Trailer

repost from minsun@facebook

Hye Sun is looking pretty in her short hairstyle...

Ku Hye Sun directing IWFF Official Trailer 2

Ku Hye Sun directing IWFF Official Trailer 1


Cr: leeminho1987 @ YT

Goo Hye Sun to direct her second feature film, “Peach Tree”

Actress Goo Hye Sun has decided to pick up her director’s megaphone again, as she’s currently working on her second film, “Peach Tree“!
Nam Sang Mi and Ryu Duk Hwan have been cast as the leading roles in this special feature film. One film representative confirmed, “Goo Hye Sun is holding hands with Nam Sang Mi once more for her second film, alongside Ryu Duk Hwan for the leadig male role.”
Goo Hye Sun made her formal debut as a director through her movie “Magic” last year; nearly a year later, she’s returned to her director’s seat in order to tell the tale of Siamese twins. Ryu Duk Hwan will be playing one of the Siamese twins, and he’ll be competing against his brother for Nam Sang Mi’s affections.
Meanwhile, Goo Hye Sun is filming for two dramas – “The Musical” (with Choi Daniel) and for the Taiwanese drama, “Absolute Boyfriend.” She’s been taking time out of her busy schedule to prepare for her upcoming movie, in addition to working as the official trailer director for the “13th International Women’s Film Festival in Seoul“.
Whew! Goo Hye Sun is certainly living up to her reputation as the ‘multi-talented actress’.

cre: Source: Sports Chosun via Nate

repost from minsun@facebook

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Lee Min Ho, the star who longs to be an actor

이민호, 스타는 배우를 갈망한다.
Lee Min Ho, the star who longs to be an actor.
그냥 바라만 봐도 기분이 좋아지는 것들이 있다. 가을 바람에 산들거리는 코스모스, 은은하게 반짝이는 크리스탈 샹들리에, 깊은 밤 가로등 조명을 받으며 소복소복 쌓이는 흰 눈. 그리고 스물 넷의 이 남자도 그렇다. 꽃만큼, 아니 꽃보다 더 기분이 좋아진다.
There are some things that makes one feel good just by looking at them. The cosmos in an autumn breeze (?), the toned down glitter of crystal chandeliers, the white snow piling up under the streetlamp in the deep of night. In addition, this 24 year old man is among those things. He's as heartwarming, no, he's more heartwarming than a flower.

이민호에겐 확실히 스타라고 할만한 아우라가 넘친다. 늘씬한 키에 조각같은 얼굴. 마네킹이 살아 움직인다는 상투적인 표현도 그에겐 과장이 아니다. 직업적 특수성 덕분에 웬만한 미모 앞에선 눈 하나도 깜짝하지 않는 나로서도 그 앞에선 넋을 잃을 정도니 말이다.
LMH has an aura that's more than a star. He has a lean body, tall height and distinct facial features. I wouldn't say it's an exaggeration to compare him to a walking mannequin. Watching the person before me who's been trained to tolerate not blinking, I'm at a loss.

오해(?)를 막기 위해 먼저 말한다. 개인적으로 잘생긴 외모의 젊은 남자 배우들에게 별 흥미가 없다는 걸 말이다. 흥미가 없다는 건 무관심하다는 말이다. 그네들의 외모와 젊음을 시샘하기엔 현재의 일상이 너무 빠듯하고, 그래봐야 부질 없다는 걸 알만한 나이기도 하다. 또 그들을 부러워하지 않아도 될 만큼 좋은 과거를 보냈다는 허세일 수도 있다.

물론, 더 큰 이유도 있다. 아무리 배우라고 해도 남자라면 외모보다는 다른 쪽에 진지한 승부를 거는 게 더 매력적이라고 생각하기 때문이다. 물론 이것은 이성이 아닌 동성으로서의 편견일 수도 있다. 혹은 눈부신 껍데기에 비해 재능이 빈약한 젊은 별들이 뜨자마자 유성처럼 사그러드는 모습을 너무 많이 지켜본 탓일 수도 있다.
Of course, there's a greater reason. I've always believed that qualities other than the outward appearance make a guy more appealing and charismatic. Sure, one can argue that that is the prejudice coming from someone of the same sex. I can also blame it on the fact that I've seen many a shining star fade and wane away all too soon.

스물 넷의 젊은 나이에 대한민국을 들썩이는 이 배우는 어떨까? 그는 요즘 고민이 많다. 오히려 뜨기 전보다 더한 듯 하다. 적어도 논현동 카페에서 지켜본 최근에는 그랬다. 새해 희망을 말하면서도 온통 차기작에 대한 부담과 기대만을 늘어 놓았다.
So how is this young 24 year old actor that excites korea? He has a lot of worries lately, even more so than before he became famous. That's how it seems like when I saw him at NonHyun Dong's cafe recently. While expressing his hopes for the new year, he states that it's been wholly about the responsibility and anticipation for his next project.

그러나 그의 고민은 스스로를 잠식할 정도로 극심한 불안과는 거리가 멀었다. 나태로 빠지지 않을 정도의 적당한 긴장이랄까. 말로는 걱정이라고 둘러대면서 얼굴에는 천역덕스럽게도 여유가 흘러 넘쳤다. 심지어 인터뷰가 끝나면 김범과 함께 스키장에 놀러갈 계획이라며 소풍을 앞둔 학생 같은 표정까지 지었다.
However, his worries are far from serious anxieties but ones which keep him on his toes. His face revealed a relaxed composure even though he mentioned that he was worried. Not to mention that he had already planned to go skiing with kim bum right after the interview. He reminded me of a student who's looking forward to a picnic.

그는 인터뷰 내내 환하게 웃었다. 큼지막한 입을 쩍 벌리고 가지런한 치아를 드러내며 미소를 짓는데, 줄리아 로버츠의 시원한 웃음을 보는 듯 했다. 단지 웃는 것 하나만으로 그를 둘러싼 공기의 밀도가 달라지는 느낌이 들게 만들었다.
He kept smiling/laughing throughout the interview showing off his even teeth, reminding me of Julia Roberts smile. (don't understand the last sentence)

그의 구김살 없는 미소를 보면 어린 시절부터 풍족한 사랑 속에 자란, 타고난 낙천주의자라는 느낌이 강하게 든다. 이런 사람들은 싹이 날 때부터 좋은 볕과 물을 듬뿍 머금고 자란 꽃 같다. 주위에 좋은 향기를 전하고 분위기를 환하게 밝혀 만나는 사람마다 즐겁게 만든다. 또 타인을 보는 시선이 왜곡되지 않아서 불필요한 오해나 편견도 적기 마련이다.
Looking at his angelic smile, I'm convinced that he was showered with a lot of love since he was young and is a strongly optimistic person. This type of person is similar to a flower who's been well cared off ever since germination. Also, such a person does not have a distorted view of others which helps reduce misunderstandings and biases.

Lee Min Ho in a Surprise Interview (02/01/11)

source: Lee Min Ho in a Surprise Interview (02/01/11)
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minsun couple photos...rewind

Still no recent news about our Minsun Couple, but Minsun Shippers are still here, just waiting patiently, never giving up and always positive despite the news articles and some interviews that has been taking place a few days back.

To feed our thirst, i posted old photos of the couple.:))

Jeong Seong-hwa and Lee Min-ho best friends certified 'unexpected connections' bond made by drama


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Actor Lee Min-ho and musical actor Jeong Seong-hwa seem to have a surprising friendship.

Jeong Seong-hwa replaced Super Junior Lee Teuk and Eun Hyeok, who were on an overseas tour on their KBS 2FM "Kiss the Radio" on the 24th. He made a phone call connection to Lee Min-ho and Seulong this day.

He demanded Lee Min-ho to certify that they were close friends as people didn't believe him. Lee Min-ho then supported him by saying, "We've only known each other for a year but I feel like I've known him since school times. He won the Best Male Actor Award in the Musical Awards. I will continue supporting his shows".

These two people met in the drama "Personal Taste" and became friends since then. Even after the drama those who were on the set together, Ryoo Seung-yong, Son Ye-jin, Jeong Seong-hwa and Seulong continue to maintain close relationships.

Meanwhile, listeners expressed their impressions, "It's wonderful how Seulong, Jeong Seong-hwa and Super Junior Ye Seong all have close friendships", "It was something different, hearing Lee Min-ho's voice on radio".

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Translation : Hancinema 
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