Gu Hye Sun's Upcoming Drama

Gu Hye Sun's Upcoming Drama


Goo Hye Sun's new drama BLOOD will be updated in Wandering Thoughts.
I will try to make screen caps/gif and share some thoughts about the drama.


Monday, April 26, 2010

pictures from BOF Graduation event @Japan-042510

LOOK AT MINHO'S HAND.... holding hyesun's....?))

credit as labelled
cre:flower official thread

analysis...of plower pot...

I just heard that Minho was asked during the fanmeet this question

"how did you feel about the kissing at ur latest drama Personal Taste?"

And minho's answer?

"because geum jandi is around, i am not convenient to reply you"


I can now go to sleep... how consistent is that? As an actor, that is already his chance to promote his new drama and yet he deferred answering because Hyesun was around...

For heavens sake it's a series... What has Jandi got to do with it? Is there a Jandi character in Personal Taste? wahahaha!


This is also the way he answered, when a fan asked him to marry her before... I mean if nothing's going on there, he could have answered professionally and i bet even if it's a BOF promotion, he can answer that question since they were allowed to ask it...

I bet Hyesun was once again fiddling with her hair and smiling widely from the sidelines... and i can just imagine Minho smiling his patented "Hyesun Smile"

Now it's proven... Minho said before that when he has a girlfriend he's loyal and he truly is... I can't say anything anymore...

Love how coordinated their outfits are!

Hyesun in a dress... didn't she say in one of her interviews that she'd only wear dresses once she had a boyfriend? hahaha!

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I knew Donna has already posted the gist of the interview at BOF event biggrin.gif

here I would do the translation of that FA

Thanks to Peggi & Janey from for the FA & consolidation of info

. 超HIGH的.敏鎬..只有TALK而已..

. super high...For Minho...there's only talk...

. 哎 這次更本沒有說到什麼

. ai...he didn't say much this time

.不過,主持人問敏鎬 你在新劇中和孫有初吻..FEEL如何..

. but, when MC asked Minho, "you have a kiss scene with SYJ in your new drama, how do you feel?"

. 他回啥

. what did he answer?

. 敏鎬MH笑著說 金絲草 在身邊 不方便說..

. Minho smiled and said, "Guem Jandi is beside me, it's not convenient to say.."

.講那段話時 表情超Q的 ..

. his impression is super cute when saying that

.主持人就 ..對咧,你的吻已先被她奪走了

. MC then said, "right, your kiss was already taken by her"

. 那時他笑的更害羞.....

. he's smiling more shyly at that time...

.她們四個再被接受訪問時,惠善在講話時候 ,敏鎬真的都會看著她咧..

. When the 4 of them were interviewed again, Minho keeps looking at Hyesun whenever she's talking

. 惠善就唱了一首歌, 後來 換敏鎬被接受訪問..

. Hyesun has sung a song, then it's Minho's intreview time...

.不過, 覺得她們倆都會故意站很開咧..

. However, they intentionally stand apart from each other


. Hyesun dressed in a chiffon black dress...


. obviously, it's a match with Minho's


. Minho was humorous


. he said that the graduation certificate would be passed on generation by generation

. 因為就是問到新戲部份呀

. then asked about the new drama


. Minho's filming the drama night & day


. further, he was asked about his role in the drama, in which is not a gay but need to pretend to be a gay..

.他 ..現在他在片場中如果在幫別的男生橋服裝時,人家就會說 ,你變GAY了嗎??

. he said that now if he helps other boys to fix/ arrange outfits on the set, others would ask if he turns gay?

.敏鎬有問大家 我有像GAY嗎??

. Minho has asked the audience, "Do I look like a gay?"

.像吧..,你們(指台下人) ,對吧..

. look like? (point to audience), right?

.大家就回他..對, 不像..

. audience replied to him that he doesn't look like a gay

.那表情.. 很超Q

. his expression was super cute


. Minho today...just like he's in CF...very energetic..


. nonetheless, he is always coughing...

.哈哈..確..實..猛看惠善 ..

. haha..indeed... he always gaze at Hyesun

laugh.gif Minho is always so transparent, he just blurb out what he thinks and even the MC tease him that his first kiss was taken away by Jandi biggrin.gif though his stay in Japan was short but that's worthwhile I think wink.gif

Wave to all MinSun Sisters, have a nice day! biggrin.gif

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Minho's Talk at BOF Graduation Event

[Minho Talk]

At first, the video of "Personal Taste" projected on screen...

MC: "Did you have a post making of gay?""

Minho: "Because there was no necessity especially, I didn't. By the way, do you feel gay's atmosphere in me?"
(Everyone's reactions were ambiguous. ;;;;)

MC: "The impression of kiss scene with Son Ye-jin? Did you throb?"

Minho: "I strained more than throbbed."

MC: "You had a big popular from girls in your high school days, didn't you?"

Minho: "The junior high school was all-boys school, and, in my high school, the building was separate by boys and girl. So, I was not popular with the girls."

MC: "You're a liar, aren't you?"

Minho: "No~~" (with a lot charm^^)

MC: "Please tell the target in the future."

Minho: "The half ended in shotting of the drama. This drama will be boradcast in Japan. I want to act accurately for that time."


personal taste pictures...Lee Minho

credit:DC Min Ho thread

042510-pictures of Lee Minho and Gu Hye Sun on their way to BOF Graduation Event @Japan

Gu hye sun...

Credit: Min Ho at Kimpo Airport heading to Japan for Graduation Event (25 April 2010)
cre:Dc Minho


Saturday, April 24, 2010

I will be - Felicity & Ben ("Felicity")

compiled scenes through out the 4seasons..i just love this amazing show...the chemistry is great...

Felicity/Ben - Heart and Shoulder


another favorite couple...ben and felicity..

Dawson's Creek I don't want to wait

also a favorite tv pacey and joey:))

Sunday, April 18, 2010

fan art-personal taste...

cr: lunar sea+ dcminho

missing Boys Over Flowers...ONE MORE TIME..(Three bicycles)

collections of soundtracks used in Boys Over Flowers that I miss...:))