Gu Hye Sun's Upcoming Drama

Gu Hye Sun's Upcoming Drama


Goo Hye Sun's new drama BLOOD will be updated in Wandering Thoughts.
I will try to make screen caps/gif and share some thoughts about the drama.


Saturday, April 21, 2012

[MINSUN] More Similar things and Couple Bracelets...are they?

I have been busy with other stuffs and waiting as well for new updates regarding our lovely couple...that's why it took me quite a while to update this page.

But the good news that when I visited again the thread @soompi, I was surprised to read new posts shared by fellow minsunners esp prettywiz, sukreen and vanessa.

There were photos and with their keen eyes, managed to see similar things again worn by HS and Minho. "Couple Bracelets"...that's what.

shared by prettywiz

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I read this from soompi cre meow..- during media interview in SG, Jiro impromptuly "confess love" to Hye Sun (jokingly of course!). He removed his own silver ring and try to put it on hye sun. Jiro said he really wants to get married and Hye sun just returned with a sweet smile..and for this moment she "does not want to be married yet"
She knows very well that her other half might get jealous... and she is not the type of actress who would use such situations and create rumors just to promote her drama.. 

shared by vanessa

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shared by sukreen


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cre: Niezza


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Here is Hyesun's bicycle at Cafe Manolin 

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Well...these are all for us shippers to ponder.
Coincidence or not..these things make us believe, despite the "no confirmation" from both sides. With all these similarity from BOF days up to this present, these are more than coincidences as far as what my thoughts are. And just like any shipper, this is enough to keep the faith and to continue believing.



Saturday, April 14, 2012

Gu Hye Sun Charms Students With Her Cuteness

cre: GHSPHIL@fb

Source: wownews
Translation by meow@loveghs

Absolute Boyfriend aired its first episode on last Sunday April 8. It attracts female audience aged 25-34, with highest rating at 2 and average at 1. At the high school meet & greet today, Jiro Wang made a wish in front the cake which symbolizes rising rating, stated that “if rating is over 5, he and Penny will cut cake and drink Bubble Tea naked!” Ku Hye Sun said, “She will visit Taiwan again for celebration!”
After the meet & greet in Taipei last night, Ku Hye Sun rushed back to hotel to watch the first episode. She expressed, “It’s great.” Regarding her dubbed voice, she praised that the dubbing person, she said, “the dubbing is good, it sounds like my own voice.”
Ku Hye Sun attaches great importance to her first Taiwanese idol drama. She arrived in Taiwan last Friday (April 6) to promote the drama. She and Jiro & Penny attended 7 events in three days. Before leaving Taiwan today, she attended the meet & greet at high school with other casts.
All the casts appeared at the school, driving 800 students crazy and packed in the school hall. Seeing the energetic high school students, Ku Hye Sun said happily, “I am moved by their passion.” Jiro said it feels like returning to his own school, since he attended events in the same school as well for his previous projects. It’s not common for Korean star to visit school in Taiwan, students were happy to meet Ku Hye Sun. A student boldly confessed, “I have a crush on you!” Jiro immediately taught Ku Hye Sun Taiwanese dialect and she replied with a sweet smile, said, “I love you.”

Absolute Boyfriend Autographed Postcard for Charity Auction

cre: GHSPHIL@fb
cr:, loveghs

Absolute Boyfriend Ep.02 Preview 1

cre: meowmm13@yt

Lee Min Ho for Numero Tokyo Magazine April 2012

cre: Numero Tokyo, loveghs + MINSUN@fb

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Lee Min Ho brings down a Chinese site again searching for his first love


Actor Lee Min Ho brought down the servers at a Chinese site once again.
Lee Min Ho currently has an endorsement deal with innisfree as their model for Asia. On April 9th, the social movie ‘Chulian’ (first love) has been introduced as a part of innisfree’s digital marketing strategy and with so many fans trying to connect to the site, the servers were brought down several times.
A representative of the event revealed, “Recently some 5,000 people were drawn to a fashion brand promotions event in Xian, China and it had to be canceled urgently. The server capacity was hugely increased but it looks like this has happened because there were so many fans trying to connect to the site.”
‘Chulian’ is a video clip of about 4 minutes and 30 seconds in length which shows Lee Min Ho missing his first love. What is special about this ad is that anyone can send in their name and picture to the event and they can become the female protagonist and thus Lee Min Ho’s first love.
The ending of the movie ends with a choice of ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ for the fans to choose based on their preference.
A representative of Lee Min Ho’s management company explained, “It looks like the virtual experience of becoming the female protagonist and the fact that fans can also choose the ending of the story themselves contributed to the rush of fan participation.”

Lee Min Ho – First Love
Source: NewsEN via Nate

Monday, April 9, 2012

[GHS] Absolute Boyfriend casts in Danshui (04/08/12)

source: wownews
translation: meow@loveghs

Absolute Boyfriend casts in Danshui (04/08/12) cr: as labeled, loveghs

Ku Hye Sun, Jiro Wang & Penny Xie went to Danshui today for Absolute Boyfriend promotion and charity event. They played some childhood games include billiard (shooting at water-filled balloon), catch the fish (use paper filter), slam dunk etc. There were fans from Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, Korea following them. Ku wears 15cm high heels and declines to change into flats even her feet are painful. They traveled to Danshui by MRT and this is the first time for Ku Hye Sun to visit there. She said she always wants to ride on MRT and finally she has got the chance. She like the beautiful scene at Danshui and wants to try every snacks there. Ku said she would like to bring her parents to visit Danshui next time. The casts play games with fans. The first one was billiard game, in which Ku hits 3 targets (breaking the water-filled balloon) while Jiro only hits 1 in 11 shots and Penny got none in 10 shots. Penny recommends preserved eggs & plum juice to Ku, and Jiro recommends the Blue Road, which is romantic and a good place for marriage proposal. In slam dunk game Penny wins with 60 points in 1 minute. Jiro only scores 26points, even lower than Ku who gets 26. Jiro says it’s because his shirt is too tight. Last game is catch the fish, which Jiro says he’s very good at it. He talks to the fishes when he’s catching them and even asks fans not to make noise that annoy the fishes. Penny gives one fish to Ku as she has not caught one. Jiro is happy to have caught 6 fishes, he even says he would catch fish naked if rating exceed 6%. They spent 2 hours to finish the short Old Street in Danshui. Ku Hye Sun tries all the snacks (suger-coated plum, bbq sausage, bbq corn, plum juice, etc.) en route. The whole team even has to go back so as to buy sugar-coated plum for Ku. Since Ku wears high heels, staff has to escort her uphill to go to the restaurant.