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Gu Hye Sun's Upcoming Drama


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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Lee Min Ho speaks about his nearly-fatal car accident

by leesa86 @allkpop

All eyes were on actor Lee Min Ho as he spoke about his near-death experience on a popular entertainment news program.
On July 13th, Lee Min Ho revealed, “The witnesses said it was a miracle I was still alive,” referring to his serious car accident on set that practically totaled the vehicle.
Lee managed to keep a light attitude, but added: “I feel fine now, except that my back still hurts – but it may be due to the excessive rain lately. I think I may need to see a doctor after this.
When asked about which of his action moves were the most memorable for him, he said it was the “Spoon Move”. He had practiced it so many times that he could now execute it with his eyes closed. “The move is supposed to be done with a sword, but because we can’t use that on set, we substituted it with a spoon.”
In regards to ‘City Hunter‘ as a whole, he said, “I feel like I’ve grown as a person while shooting ‘City Hunter’. Hopefully when it’s all said and done, I’ll be a better Min Ho than I was when I first started.”
In this drama series, Lee Min Ho portrays the role of ‘Yoon Sung’, the rebel who goes against society’s norms with his unconventional ways.
Source: TV Report via Nate

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