Gu Hye Sun's Upcoming Drama

Gu Hye Sun's Upcoming Drama


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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Ku HyeSun ~ TV Patrol World March 5, 2010

for Filipino minsun shippers...
source:TV Patrol World March 5 2010
KHS interview with Korina Sanchez
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GOO HYE SUN in Rated K (03/07/10) English Translation

english translation:

0:04 Korina: Like in our country people are going crazy with their artists here in Korea....the movie houses are always full...and we know now that superstars (popular artists) here in Korea becomes superstars (popular) in our own country (Philippines) too...and you know that Rated K is lucky to have an exclusive (interview) with the extraordinary flower that was surrounded by the handsome F4 in the hit tv show Boys Over lets get to know more the singer actress GOO HYE SUN in "Korina Meets Jan Di!"

0:43 GHS: "I Love You All"

0:53 Korina (voice over): If Boys Over Flowers became a hit in Korea then the Filipino audience also fell in love with the F4 and Geum Jandi because of it's Cinderella like story. it was shown several times in ABS-CBN (tv network) and it is the proof that we continue to support the team-up of Lee Minho/junpyo and Goo Hyesun/Jandi

1:30 Korina: If in the Philipinnes Jandi is from "Kapamilya" (is another way of the filipino audience to know if a show/artists is from ABS-CBN the TV Network) in Korea all of Goo hye Sun's drama is from KBS 2 TV Station.

1:44 Korina: Goo Hye Sun is treated as an Asian Superstar here in Korea...people started to notice her in the hit drama Pure in Heart which she won the Best New Actress award on 2006...Here in Aram Nuri Theater in Ilsan at the set of the movie she's making we were able to catch Goo Hye Sun or popularly known by the Filipinos as Geum Jandi.

2:11 Korina: "Anyong hasaeyo" Miss Goo...thank you very much.

2:15 GHS: "Anyong hasaeyo"

2:16 Korina: Can I call you Jandi? because we know you as Jandi in the Philippines.

2:23 GHS: yes it's Ok...

2:25 Korina: Jandi do you know that you are so popular in the Philippines because of Boys Over Flowers?

2:31 GHS: I heard about it that the drama was shown in the Philippines and I didn't expect that they will like the show I'm very happy with that news and thank you for coming here...

2:55 Korina (voice over): because of the hit team-up of Junpyo and Jandi in Boys Over Flowers they won the Best Couple award at KBS Acting Awards 2009.

3:09 Korina:Now that Boys Over flowers has ended do you keep in touch with the F4? or do you have a favorite member of the F4 like junpyo? Are you really close with Jun Pyo? do you still talk to him?

3:23 GHS:I still see all of them...because I really became close to them...sometimes we call each other...they have'nt forgotten me.

3:32 Korina: So what do you think of Junpyo? In the Philippines they like the love-team (team-up/pairing)

3:38 GHS: really? (then she touched her hair cute when she's shy).....thank you

3:43 Korina: they like both of you together...So are you close to junpyo?

3:49 GHs: yes..compared to the other F4 I'm close with junpyo because we have lots of scenes together so slowly we became much closer...

4:05 Korina (voice over): Besides her talent in acting and singing Goo Hye Sun is also an author...her novel entitled "tango" sold more than 30,000 copies one week after its released in bookstores...

4:24 Korina: Jandi what are the similarities of the real Miss Goo to the character Jandi?

4:37 GHS: somehow I'm like Jandi in real life...she's a fighter...and if I know that I'm right I will fight for it....we are both smart and confident...they say that I adapted the character Jandi even after the's me already...

5:04 Korina:We heard that you want to be a director...Why do you want to be a director?

5:07 GHS: It's my long time dream to be a director...while I'm here in the industry I became inspired with the directors on how they can make a film I thought to try to do it and I was able to do an independent film.

5:30 Korina: Do you have a boyfriend?

5:31 GHS: No I don't have...mhmmm maybe because I became busy with so much work....I don't have time for that...I had one before...but if I'm lucky I will try to have a boyfriend this year.

5:57 Korina: wow...but not getting married?

5:58 GHS: No...I don't think about those things right now...and especially my parents will not allow me they say I'm still young.
6:15 Korina (voice over): now Goo Hye Sun is finishing up her movie entitled "Magic" where she is the lead, composer, director, and the producer... and this september the movie is set to be shown here in Korea.

6:35 Korina: Jandi as a gift to the Filipino audience can you greet them?

6:39 GHS: "I love you all"

6:42 Korina (voice over): Thank you...thnak you...

-end of interview-



But @6:09, I swear to you I heard GHS say, "(much laughter) my parents....but, I really want to,,," when Korina asked about marriage.
Also, I thought it suspicious when GHS was just a little too emphatic (shakiing her head so emphatically) when she was asked if she has a boyfriend. (But, of course, please take my observation with a grain of salt as we all can have different perceptions. hohoho.)


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